Last week's projections did not come to pass noticeably because I was sick in bed. I have thought about my responsibilities on the daily. My absence made me realize how much I love to write about my experiences in the tarot. I really love blogging.

This week's reading is very balanced. I see a bit of everything, with a subtle focus on emotions. There are a few psychic and emotional blessings floating around, which makes me excited to see manifested. I can spot my mundane signifier present in the Queen of Swords, and the soul signifier of the Moon present. With the first one I can see an exercise or being ethical to the point that it comes off as cold. The second card makes me feel that I am working on my psychic faculty this week. It may also point out the lunar cycle. Reading about the Lenormand has helped me simplify my readings so that they are not just about the divine.

Monday. Knight of Wands. Fast, passionate action. Getting things back in order just the way I like it, in fast and good pace. I'm jumping into my agenda. This card manifested in having to make haste to meet a deadline. The Victorian Romantic Limited Edition bundles came out today and I have had my eye on it for a while. It makes sense that I was chasing a passion impulsively.

Tuesday. Queen of Swords. My signifier. Having a sharp mind through the day and approaching people objectively. In the dark, it can be feeling detached from surroundings and thus disconnected from reality. The manifestation of this card was that somebody told me I sound like a machine. I have been practicing taking my feelings out of what I have to say, and it seems like a noticeable practice. It isn't ill intentioned, rather a notion in practice to protect myself.

Wednesday. Seven of Cups. Many options, many tasks. Learn to prioritize which one needs to come first. Not all of them are as promising as they look. It's a good time to figure my plans out for the future. A bad day to feel confused about what I want to do.

Thursday. Page of Cups. An apology making its way to me, or one from me to somebody. This looks like a sincere offer with a sentiment that is both pure and delicate. Pages represent messages because they are the youngest ones and they travel all over the court. I have not yet associated a Page with a person in my life.

Friday. Moon. Psychic sense of intuition. It represents the time of day in which I am most awake and functional. There is a certain speed gained during these late hours in which I am most productive. I have not yet learned lessons from the Moon card, so it will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Saturday. Five of Coins. Lacking in support or feeling left out in the cold. In this card, the people present are marginalized from their society and are left alone to worry about their problems. It could be that I have made too many investments lately, and that calls for a little less spending. It may be I'm short on budget for something that I need.

Sunday. Ace of Cups. The clear manifestation of emotional energy. It is a raw burst of love that is offered, or an overflow of emotions. The sense I am getting from this card with the card before it is that it could signal feeling overwhelmed or worried.

What to avoid. Three of Cups. Socializing. In particular, trying to avoid getting stuck in tight knit circles or situations in which I'll find myself having to act according to how everyone else will be acting. What is clear to me from the reading is that it feels like I have a very personal journey to tend to this week and that I should not get distracted by outside influences.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Staying at home and getting comfortable. Working hard for my goals without getting too concerned with what's going on in the outside world. This is the card of the home maker.

I was having a hard time stringing these cards into a story because I don't see many relations between them this time around. For clarity I pulled two oracle cards from the Victorian Flower Oracle from Baba Studio.

Oracle. Hidden Romance. This is a secret manifesting. Secret romances and ideals are the best kind because they taste and feel the best. It's the

Shadow.  Joy. A shadow manifestation of something so bright means that it is the same bright aspect with less density. This card reminds me of The Sun inverted, a card that isn't negative even when in reverse.

My observations appear disjointed. The reading was actually conducted in a pretty crooked mindset and schedule, which in turn reflects on the content of the reading. It's a lesson about being in the right mindset when these projections are made.

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