The Nihon Matsuri was a lot of fun. I volunteered to raise funds with tarot readings, and donated the funds to charity. The response from the general public was great; people jumped on the sign-up sheet like piranhas. Many of them were first-timers and not very curious about anything in specific. They were just looking to be entertained, which told me their expectations of me were not the highest. I had to find out what I could about them, since the bulk of my clients were not curious about a situation in particular. Rather, they were open to just 'whatever comes'. I am perfectly capable of doing this, but I guess that my main concern was to tell them something with a purpose. In the future it may be prudent to ask them what they hope to get out of my card reading. I don't just want them to walk away with something they already knew. Confirmations are wonderful, but I want them to walk away with a meaningful message; a viable solution to their problems. That's the point of getting a tarot reading!

The intensity of the readings was mind-blowing. It was really hard to get myself grounded while having so many thoughts crossing my mind. The hustle and bustle of the crowds in the activity was also pretty hard to handle — you couldn't understand anyone within 3 feet unless you were basically yelling at one another. During the rare moments in which there was little to no speaker activity, our table thrived. I didn't have much retention of who went when, but some of the reactions I got while I was reading made me feel that it was worth it. I love the rapport that is established between the reader and the client during a session. There is a key moment in which the life of the client breaks off into several layers, and the consultant can look into those layers to find the source for a problem or identify a solution to said problem. There are possibilities etched in the code of the reading, which is always different according to the draw. It is invaluable to know that these people entrust you with their secrets no matter which background you come from. They entrust you with the keys to their future in the hopes you can find the solution to their problems. If that's not a gift, then please tell me what is.

There are some things in life that you just need to do. You feel compelled to practice without question because that's what feels right. Tarot does that for me wonderfully. I didn't receive any formal instruction in it, and I don't believe that you need any to be a good card reader. A lot of people mistake the tarot as something that you need to learn from others off osmosis. You can't really steal someone's skill by sitting down to watch what they do an entire day. You also can't adapt their card meanings as your own, because you will perceive different messages once you get comfortable with the language of the cards. Mastering the tarot takes years of study, trial and error. What I did was study it feverishly through a series of diaries. I would make comprehensive lists and definitions to better understand all the things a card could mean. There was barely ever any overlap once I realized the key factor that the cards mean something different when paired with other cards.

What I love the most about what I do is watching the lives of my clients improve. They don't always get what they want the most in the end, but they learn a lot during the process. Watching their own self-discovery as it unfolds with every nugget of information is golden for them. It not only confirms that I am doing my job, it also teaches them to identify patterns of behavior and break out of said patterns. It's the school of life mixed in with the karmic resolution of their problems and the doors that lead to better places in their lives.
I wanted to share two testimonials that I have received from my clients within the past couple of weeks. They make me proud of what I do.

"Every time I have a reading, I'm absolutely blown away by how accurate Monica is in knowing exactly what is going on in my life. Not only does it amaze me, but she is also just wonderful to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I usually have a reading when I am feeling really off course and full of uncertainty, but she always brings me back down, allowing me to understand my present and also my future, which she has been very accurate with! She's extremely talented and has a beautiful soul."
Wallflower63, Florida

"All of Monica's readings for me have been totally accurate, she is a committed, sensitive, caring individual and I truly appreciate her honest, respectful approach. She truly cares about her client's
developing needs and carefully structures her responses to completely answer all questions. I can actually be guided and make proper decisions by her direct words of wisdom and I am extremely comfortable with her confidentiality concerning my sensitive issues. She has inspired me to be more confident ; I am so glad that I found her and will continue to rely on her advice."

Hackshaw, USA

It is really humbling for me to read these testimonials. While they are glowing reviews, they are also a reminder that I need to work very hard to keep raising this standard. I want to be the kind of tarot reader that makes you feel like a new person once the reading is over. This is my way of helping people!

Photos compliments of Thania Martinez


  1. I really admire what you are doing. It's really amazing and important! ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Uvita! It's a very satisfactory practice. If I catch you at an activity, I'd like to read for you too. : )