Last week I had a lot of things to think about. I was getting over being sick and adjusting to several situations going on. I found that I needed to avoid socializing to focus on my work, but sadly that didn't really happen at all. I need to ground myself more in my work, to focus on the goals that were laid out before. There is a lot that I need to wrap up before the 2nd Anniversary of Samhain Moon comes around. I am very excited to share with you the news for the future!

There is a lot of powerful energy this week with two court cards and two Major Arcana cards. It seems gracual. An observation I have made is that the suit of Coins is missing, which is a clear indicative that I need to seek staying grounded. I can't focus solely on the things going on without also focusing on my material sustenance, which could be compromised this week for the sake of other situations going on. It is a good reminder not to go looking for trouble.

Monday. Eight of Cups. Walking away from a possible stability and taking a risk. It could be leaving your responsibilities because you feel you need some time to recharge your batteries. The man gazes at the moon as he swims out, seeking some inner peace and meditation. Today I will look for just that when I go to my tribal belly dancing lessons!

Tuesday. Justice. Fairness in action, being placed on the scales of justice and judged. The truth is a key factor here; truth doesn't scream or force others to listen. It waits patiently until its turn to cut away the opposition with facts. I have some situations pending that need a decision before I can continue with my plans, so I look forward to hearing the decision.

Wednesday. Queen of Wands. The last time this court card showed up in a reading, I got in trouble. I have a feeling that the same thing will happen this week with the conflict card right next to it. The Queen of Wands is the worst one to be in confrontation with — her wrath is problematic. Being as volatile as fire, she has an easy rise and a burning stare. I can see the tattoo on her face representing the fire of passion igniting inside her. She's ready to pounce with her fury, perhaps stemming from the Justice card previous.

Thursday. Five of Wands. Conflict, confrontations, problems. This card looks like a head ache with many things coming from different directions. It's an outside struggle making its way in. This isn't about having a battle of egos or making my days more difficult for myself, I'm really not looking forward to having more problems on top of my responsibilities.

I accidentally mixed Friday up with Saturday here!

Friday. King of Swords. Dealing with situations objectively, fairly. The cold truth prevails here and it feels like a decision is finally made. Perhaps not one that makes everyone happy, but the correct one that we can work with. The King of Swords is distant with his helmet, rising with his impeccable throne. He's not one to argue with, just somebody to listen to.

Saturday. Six of Wands. Victory! It looks like a good way to end the week. This Knight returns in celebration of a battle he has won, and he carries with him the air of pride. This is a sign for a good day with an upcoming celebration and the promise for better things to come.

Sunday. Two of Cups. Alchemy between people in good natured spirits. They are toasting to a wonderful victory. This puts the weekend on a celebratory note, one of mutual support and of joy. I see love kindled, gratitude and lots of emotional responses. Cheers!

What to avoid. The Emperor. Avoid feeling tied up by anything or responsible to sit on the throne that calls for responsibility. There is a sense here of doing what is right in public because all eyes are on you, so avoid making a spectacle of yourself. Deal with situations fairly, objectively and focus on the greater good for everybody. Don't be unyielding.

What to strive for. Knight of Swords. Being objective. The Knight of Swords charges forward with a helmet on. You can't tell what he is thinking when he charges. His mind is sharp with the convictions he believes to be true, and they are not up for discussion. He proceeds forward with speed, and won't likely be making many stops.

One day to get anchored. Work on matters of the heart. I associate the Sun and the Moon as the duration of the situation, and the kind of work that I will be doing. I am getting settled with matters that mean something to me emotionally. I love Lenormands because of how concise they are with their messages!

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