Last week's Hello Witches made clear to me how things were going to go. It still allowed enough leeway for changes and unexpected surprises. I was literally brought to my knees with what came on Saturday, and found that I wasn't in the position of the Queen of Wands. Rather, I was the Page with his little sword brandished, trying to protect himself with the truth. No matter how swelled up our egos are, we should still have the clarity of mind to see things objectively, more so when there has been constant bragging about said discipline. There are some people you just can't win with, no matter how right you are. I have found myself with a personal distaste for confrontations now more than ever, and will make it a point to distance myself from such. I respect myself too much to stoop down to the level of a high school kid trying to manipulate his way through the week for his weekend debauchery. It bothers me to see Strength on this week's projection as well. Hopefully it will have little to do with last week's situation, which I am ready to bury in the past.

Today's spread has an abundance of Wands for conflicts, but it also has one card from every other suit. Even a Major Arcana card is included, although I would rather if it had been another. There are unresolved conflicts in the air that are settling for the final stage they have been left off at. With all the fire burning throughout the week, it's a sign that I will need to stay level-headed. I can't let my passions get the best of me. The Major Arcana card of Strength is telling me that I will be working with my opinions as I voice them, and the strength that it takes to stand up for myself in the face of opposition. I know that I am at a stage in my life in which I am being tested for self-worth, but I have had six months to prepare for this moment in time. I can't say I did not know it was coming, because I did.

A controversial week awaits me from what I can see. The spread immediately relates my present situation to that of work relations. Life lessons are tough right now and I can't give up. Here's what I see relating to that:

Monday. Three of Wands. Waiting for something. This is when time stops while the ships come in with their loot. This is a very appropriate card for today. The man is of humble origins, resting on his post. I felt this way during most of the day, and I got impatient because I had other things to do. Today just wasn't the day to sit around and wait.

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This is the gift that comes from hard labor. The faces on the pillars look worn and bothered. It wasn't easy for them to carry the weight on their backs; they had so much to do. They build something special for the crowd that is walking in, mesmerized with the precious gift that lies before the,. The Coins are placed in perfect symmetry, and they shine brightly with wealth.

Wednesday. Knight of Wands. This Knight faces the past. His steed breathes fire, and with the propection of his armor he dashes to battle. He waves the colors of his flag with pride and he doesn't forget what he is there to represent. I have often seen this knight bringing a message of passion, and following his ideals in that same passion. He's ablaze!

Thursday. Strength. Having the courage to stand up for yourself. The lady's third eye is pointed out with her make-up, and she bears the sign of fire on her face. She's not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and she will do so with fiery passion. The chains around the tiger keep the fury contained.

Friday. Six of Wands. A good day. A day to celebrate a victory for a common cause. There are good news being spread through the town, and a motivational rally for the activity coming up.

Saturday. Eight of Coins. Working hard. Making preparations for the next day, and making sure all the details are smoothed out before completing the process. This card shows hard work produced in mass quantities that will be on display for others to see.

Sunday. Ace of Swords. Reverse. Not a day to voice my opinions, not because I don't want to, but perhaps because I just can't. It may mean that channels of communication are blocked. It's an important day for me, so I hope it doesn't manifest in a way that hinders my performance on that day.

What to avoid. Ten of Coins. Reverse. Avoid getting caught up in the tight bonds of a toxic family situation at work. I have never seen this card in reverse before, but my interpretation is that personal and work lives should be kept separate. This is a call not to attach emotionally to work situations, and to treat everything objectively.

What to strive for. Queen of Cups. Being as one with your emotions, feeling at peace with the tides. This is a card of knowing one's limits for personal benefit. Queens don't just think for themselves, they also think about their kingdom. In the end, they have to act selfless for the benefit of the rest. She keeps her cup close to her, which shows that she doesn't share her feelings with just anyone.

The week is controversial. All the messages make sense to me, and I will take great care with them. I want to add that from now on I will be referring to Pentacles as Coins.

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