Last week's review was very literal. It happened in a sequence of events that string together, and yet were depending heavily on Sunday. I think that gleaming Ace of Swords inverted stands for a big secret that I found out from one of my clients that could shed some light on a situation. However, with the doctor/patient confidentiality, I can't disclose the details to the person it concerns, which is why the Ace manifested in reverse. I'm also a little sick with asthma, which affects the throat / means of communication. A tarot card can manifest in many ways in just one day, and this goes to prove that.

The festival was successful. I volunteered as part of a group to do tarot readings. The funds that came from those readings were donated to charity. I hope my two cents go a long way. At the end of the day, I was pretty tired and it was difficult to focus my thoughts. I am hoping that more photos of the events will surface so that I can post a review about it. Many of my readers will enjoy a quick break from the weekly tarot musings.

This week's spread shows a bit of everything. I see two Major Arcana cards, the most radical of which is centered in this spread. With those teal hues, the Wheel of Fortune stands out as a wild catalyst of change. I can see that my period of rest will be short-lived. It is also placed on the day of an important interview, so I am very curious to see how that plays out in the terms of the tarot. There is a card of every suit present, with a notable presence of Cups and Wands. Generally this feels like a balanced spread to me. The week starts off with the air of a vacation, then when the changes come about turns heavy with things to do and plan for. I also see a court card in the mix, which adds the question of whether the court card stands for a person or event.

Monday. Two of Cups. The coming together of two worlds, or an activity done by lovers. It can be a date with someone you love or a romantic moment that manifests itself. It makes sense since I will pick J up from work so he can laugh while I take my tribal dancing lessons. He's very supportive of what I do. Maybe we will end up going for some Starbucks afterwards. We'll see. In some cases I have seen the Two of Cups manifest as a job offer or apology before.

Tuesday. Three of Wands. Waiting for something before going back into stages of production. This card came up last week, but this week it feels like something different. Now I see it as a man that is resting after a period of work. He must not have been resting very long, because now there is a ship with fresh new cargo — and thus, responsibilities — that makes its way closer to shore. He has just seen it, and now he knows that he must prepare for the work that is heading his way. He better enjoy the brief rest before the work starts back up again.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. A blast of energy that comes with great force. Notice the volcano in the background unloading itself from all of its pressure. The element of fire represents great passion. This is a day to blow off that pressure or to embrace the creative energy that comes with it. I look forward to seeing that Ace of Wands manifest!

Thursday. Wheel of Fortune. A radical change in your fate as determined by the circumstances around you. This is a twist in fate that you can't control and would be wise not to do so. It brings with it big changes that can take some time to adjust to. Let go of the stirring wheel and watch where life takes you to next, because it looks like it's going to be a big adventure. I have been waiting for changes like these to manifest for a while. This day I have an interview also, it may mean that the session will be fast-paced, and that it will present some unexpected situations that I may have to deal with. I'll be on my feet and ready to take them.

Friday. Six of Swords. Moving away from a difficult situation in the hopes of finding a better purpose. In most cards it depicts a scene in which one moves from the left (past) to the right (future). In this case, the scene is moving directly at us, placing it in the present. It's interesting to see that arch, an entrance to someplace new. There is new terrain to explore mentally according to the suit of the element of air. This reinforces the air of change and the adventures suggested by the previous card.

Saturday. King of Coins. The adventure brings us to the King of Coins. This is an important figure, one of status and great wealth. It can represent a financial settlement or conclusion to a situation. It looks like the traveling settles down, and now the fruit comes from building a foundation to benefit from. I can barely see the man behind all the riches.

Sunday. Knight of Swords. The adventurer as shown by the sign of Aquarius. This day shows quick movement, that knight is sharp and ready as he rides on his dreamy Pegasus. I often find this card to be one of conflict, but it is surrounded by positive vibes which makes it more of a dignified warrior. It encourages free thinking and writing.

What to avoid. The Sun. It's hard to interpret the Sun when it comes up as a shadow card. I still see it as a positive one, but maybe not as much as upright. This means there is little joy here and there, but that the purpose of this week is not to do what I enjoy the most. There are glimpses of happiness here and there, but they will be limited.

What to strive for.  Ace of Cups. Find that new love. This container is empty, and it is waiting to be filled with a refreshing elixir. The mermaids hold up the tank expectantly, as if the sky were to present them with a gift for their efforts. I feel that it is a good time to seek new things that nurture my emotions.

The forecast for the week looks very positive. I have many subjects that I want to talk about in the coming weeks. Hopefully you will enjoy what I come up with!

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