Today I am going to be talking about the Major Arcana known as Strength in the RWS, or Lust in the Thoth. It shows a woman interacting with a lion, either by taming it or accepting it as a part of herself. She takes the courage and the strength from within — or borrowed — to face her fears, however they may manifest. This card embodies the sun sign of Leo, best known for being a fire sign in the ranks of nobility. This card exalts having the valor to do the right thing even when faced with difficult situations. It isn't so much about doing right thing as the Justice card would suggest. Rather, this card stresses the importance of not being afraid to accept situations and people as they are, all the while paying close attention to your own compass of fate. Our actions represent our moral values.

For women, this card points out that you may be getting more in touch with your masculine side. This card generally depicts the journey of making peace with your flaws and loving yourself. This is a difficult task for those that are always hard on themselves or bear severe expectations. It also manifests as an awareness of when and when not to do something. Finally, it represents the control over our instinctual selves, whether it be for our personal enjoyment or restraint.

In the tarot in reverse, I have come to see this card as the abuse of power. Some people manage to get drunk off their delusions of grandeur, and in the process they can destroy reputations that they have built  over time with their own effort. It's not okay to disregard the rights of others for our own convictions. If there is a card that illustrates that, it is the Strength card inverted. It manifests as the greedy disregard for others that are not yourself.

We have a lot to learn from this sign in regards to fortitude. That process of learning, as always, begins from within. Allow yourself to grow compassionate of others, and to stand for your rights without blocking anyone else's. Learn from the lion.

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