Last week was interesting to say the least. I had some Starbucks, which proved to be terrible for my health. The anxiety attacks are back, last week I had three of them. I know I shouldn't ingest things with caffeine in them, but up until that day, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes had been friendly with me. I guess that even though I know it's not good for me, I should just regulate the times I drink coffee until. Next time I'll try it in the morning and in a low dose. I love it too much to give it up completely. There really was no overall theme to the week, just a week of 2nd Anniversary celebrations and quiet thinking. I'm sorry if any of my readers hoped to see a new review on Friday, I was too worn out to do a blog post.

Today I giving the Wild Unknown Tarot its debut. I got it a month ago but couldn't bring myself to work with it for some reason. I guess that I didn't connect with it as I had hoped to even though it's a really beautiful tarot. I get the feeling that it wasn't intended to be shamanic at all, but rather, a hipsterrific addition to the plethora of tarot cards. I do get a big Thothy feeling from this deck even if others do not. I will review it on Friday so I won't go in too much detail about how I feel about it. I have to say, though, that it's strange reading tarot cards without people in them.

I threw in a draw of the Lenormand Revolution because it's a deck that I particularly enjoy. I didn't really care that the themes of these cards are so disparate. I don't usually include Lenormand readings in my forecasts because it means I have to spend more time on my entries, but it's really worth the extra time. Originally I intended to use it for a Victorian Romantic weekly forecast, but here goes nothing.

This week has a heavy presence of Major Arcana and court cards, but there is a noticeble lack of Wands. The suit of Cups is almost out of the equation as well. When I pair Coins + Swords, I get the idea that the week will revolve around how I see my working status and how others see my working status. That Death card keeps following me around, too...


Monday. Four of Coins. The Coins are wound up by different color threads, I see them spinning twisting. Sometimes it's hard to break out of routine when that's what you have going. My Mondays are routinely indeed. I write up a blog post, work and then go to dance classes. Maybe I don't even feel the thunder of going there anymore, but they keep me active and they help me get some exercise back in routine. I can't complain, just keep going.

 Tuesday. Seven of Swords. Foxes are clever and cunning, which makes them difficult to trust. Here you see a fox acting dormant, but with his eye focused on what is going on around him. There are six swords hanging overhead and one lying concealed under the fox. This is a new way to interpret the RWS meaning for the Seven of Swords, but says basically the same thing. Some people have hidden agendas or means that will bring harm. Not because they want to, but because their needs are more important than the needs of those around them. This means dealing with an unreliable person, or feeling like there is something being stolen from me. Time? Effort? Is someone hiding from me? Am I being watched from afar?

 Wednesday. The Emperor. The last time this card showed up, I needed to be draconian about something. Whenever I put my foot down and I let the Swords suit manifest in its entirety, people get scared. They don't really like it when I let my King of Swords out, swashbuckling his way out of a situation. Although I associate the Emperor with the suit of Wands, I have to note the card that follows this one. It looks like a pair of days to exercise that character that will force people to listen, even if it takes putting my foot down for the silence to start. I am not afraid to use my character if I have to.

On a side note, the tree reminds me of family. The lunar eclipse overhead foreshadows a threat to health is eminent. It's a good warning to pay attention to things going on with my relatives in terms of how they feel..

Thursday. King of Swords. Don't you love the use of black & white paired with color accents? Just look at this fellow, he can't sleep at all at night because that's when his mind is most active. He's ready to hunt now that he is awake and hungry. As the staple of the symbol of knowledge, you can find this bird to have an able weapon to use when he likes. This card speaks to me about keeping your guard up and not being afraid to sing from A to Z if the situation merits it. Sometimes arguments are civil, other times they are explosive. What matters is that logic will help us discern which goes where.

Friday. Ace of Coins. A repeat card on the same day! Fancy that. I wonder what will manifest this time? Last time it was a package in the mail, but it is known to be a gift as well. Maybe it's my turn to give a gift away... which would be quite nice.

Saturday. King of Cups. There you are again! This time I feel it manifests as J, who I am planning on spending that day with. He has turned into the most affectionate guy I have been involved with in a long time. Sometimes he dreams and dreams, which I find to be naive but also very inspiring. The sight of a black swan is the sight of a person with a special talent that has not necessarily been embraced by society or the people around him. Swans are peaceful animals, to me they're the very staple of romance and chivalry.

Sunday. The Hanged Man. More sleeping trouble? Watch the bat's red eyes as the night drags away and the light of day begins to grace the windows of those peacefully at rest. I often feel like my world goes up-side-down when I am trying to sleep for hours and it feels like the world around me is in slumber. It feels like mockery, and absolutely frustrates me. Bats are a symbol of death and rebirth, and a personal animal guide for me in 2012... which is winding down.

The traditional meaning of the Hanged Man is a sacrifice made willingly for the best.

What to avoid. Death. I need to stop obsessing over death. I think about natural cycles all the time, particularly when my time will come and that of my loved ones. I loathe the idea of death because it takes my loved ones away and it keeps me fussing over time. Time is invisible, it really doesn't exist but it's one of the most valuable things that we uphold in modern-day society. I'm fed up with constantly being reminded about mortality in just about every aspect of my life. It has to stop!

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Financial stability and completion of a cycle. Watch the perfection in how those coins are arranged, and the vibrancy that they radiate in pairs. To me, my ultimate goal is to relocate and to enjoy a normal working life with my own personal lifestyle. I don't feel that I get the luxury to live out that lifestyle even though I can't complain about my fairy-tale castle surroundings. I'm very comfortable at home, but I should still strive to get where I want to go.

Anchor + Mountain. Long term stability. No action. I can relate this to the last card of the reading, but Lenormand is simple and should be read as is.

I really, really love the Lenormand Revolution. It's so beautiful! Shame that it's currently out of print.


  1. hello, I am new to your page, it looks really interesting
    I am Wiccan and collect Tarot and Oracle sets
    who makes the Wild Unknown tarot ? it is beautiful
    I look forward to reading more of your blog
    love and light

  2. Hey Eevee,

    The company is called Wild Unknown, ran by and illustrated by The Wild Unknown (It's a company) http://www.thewildunknown.com/collections/ . There was a promotion on Bonadrag.com as well.

    I looked through my box and the site but found no more information. However, the deck is still for sale.