The first time I laid eyes on the Lenormand Revolution deck, I knew that it would become a favorite right away. There is something romantic and melancholic about it. It could be winter's frost creeping up on me all the way to the tropics, or simply the fact that I love the French court. Whatever the case, as soon as I learned it went into print, I swooped in and got my copy. Literally minutes later, the deck had been sold out. I congratulated myself on a job well done because I knew that I could not live without this deck of cards. That same day I started seeing photos of people that had already received their decks and were publishing them in the Lenormand Cards Study Group. They had found that the tins this deck is housed in have just about enough space for gemstones and other things, and soon they were sharing their concoctions with the community. Once mine arrived, I could join the party too. I posted about it as an old friend that I greeted with airs of melancholy, and I quickly connected with various others that shared the same love for this deck that I do.

This limited edition Lenormand Revolution deck alludes to 18th century European and New World unrest, touching on the culmination of these turbulent times: the American and French Revolutions. With a nod to Mademoiselle Lenormand herself, each card features a French title with an English translation. The deck’s breathtaking images follow the traditional feel and clarity of the The Game of Hope, after which le petit jeu de Lenormand is said to have been originally fashioned. — Carrie Paris

I look at the cards and I see an era that I would have loved to dream in. The French court of the 1700s fascinates me -- especially that of Marie Antoinette. The Rococó for vanity, masquerades and frilly romance are for me staples of a wonderful era, even if others disagree. Even the cold hands of death and execution as carried out back then don't really bother me. Think about it, though. Swords were swung to behead a King or Queen, and if you were less than that it would be the gallows or a knife. Yikes! Definitely not a glamorous way to go, but I digress... Consider also the positive aspect of being in the French court around the 1700s, my legs feel like jelly! It would have been an absolute dream... minus the accepted standards for execution.

The card stock will stand up to years of loving use and abuse, but I just recently bought myself a second copy in the case that I could damage or misplace the copy that I use. I couldn't bear resolving to the application that is coming out and not really having the physical copy. To me, shuffling the cards myself and bonding with them is what helps me connect in a reading. I keep Marco the rose quartz bunny in the tin along with bottled essential oil, amethyst and lapis lazuli. The cards smell like my idea of a dream and they are nicely paired with my favorite dark nail polishes for some extra zest in a reading. Unnecessary glitz and glam, but for me a vital part of enjoying the reading ritual a little more than usual.

All of these beautiful, passionate and dark sentiments are preserved through time in a series of cards that sing wildly to me. I use it lovingly in daily card draws of two or the whole deck in a Grand Tableau. The Lenormand Revolution deck is by far my favorite, and will be used as my main reading oracle to accompany the tarot.


What is your most important characteristic?
La Maison / House.
The base of a community is basically all the same. People live in houses. People in this community read with Lenormand. It is the tool of the trade. It can signify a literal house, the place of study and of work. I see it as something solid and stable; the system was established years ago and it still works today as is.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Le Soleil / Sun. Warmth, energy and vibrance. It is the symbol of Kings and Emperors, the symbol of power. I want to add also that I find it to be a dazzling deck.

What are your limits?
La Clé / Key. Keys can lock or unlock things. Messages, secrets, doors. Whether you do one or the other is up to you... I choose to unlock secrets and to learn more about the Lenormand method.

What are you here to teach me?
Le Monsieur / Gentleman.
To read for male querents without the heavy adornment of the tarot. It is simple and fast forward in the case the need arises. Fancy that, he looks towards the Key and the Sun, even though the orientation of the cards have little to do with how Lenormand is read.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
La Lettre / Letter. Quite literally by writing about it, blogging about it or keeping it for personal use. Writing to others to share the wealth seems like a good idea, since a letter could be an ice breaker for interesting dialogue

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
L'Arbre / Tree. Fancy that! Trees have to do with health/growing and with family. Once rooted or grounded, I will be able to establish a solid perspective on how the Lenormand is read. I feel that it is here to stay, and will provide great strength.

Which card do you want to show off?
Le Vaisseau / Ship. A modern-day masterpiece ready to take off into uncharted waters. The ship is the vessel that provides the journey, and I dare say that this one goes with style. Ship means travel, far off places and adventure.

How do you see me?
La Lune / Moon. How lovely! Psychic gifts, dreams, intuition and work to do with those respective areas of study. It is my signifier in the tarot, but very different in the Lenormand because it takes out the darkness to the moon, or rather, what could be considered as a negative trait. Moon is about fame and networks.

How do you see yourself?
Les Nuages / Clouds. Cloudy. Can be clear, can be murky depending on the side — or the traditional school — you take it from. It will be a seasonal tool for readings and as fleeting as a dream. I have always felt that Lenormand readings go by too fast, even the Grand Tableau after knighting and tracing all kinds of connections possible.

I read using the German school of tradition and will someday be incorporating the use of the corresponding houses. I like the House + Sun + Key + Gentleman + Letter + Tree + Ship + Moon + Clouds way of reading, which reads as 'A good tradition to keep on your psychic career development.' You see? All that fluff for one coherent sentence. Amazing!

In case you're wondering, it has playing card inserts. The courts are ghastly, peering out from mirrors in their corresponding suits... so if you use them, they're there! I especially like that some of the cards have blurred fragments that visually allude to time passing and memories. It is as cloudy as a distant memory, and I'm all over that! Carrie Paris &Roz Foster, you made the perfect deck for me! Any chance you'll make a tarot deck as well?

Want this deck? You're in luck! Today it went back on sale, but I don't expect it will be available for long. This post was not a paid advertisement. I genuinely love this deck.

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