Hello Dreamers,

Did you miss me? I have missed you too! With 12/21/2012 coming up, I thought it best to disconnect and rewire for a little while. I wasn’t preoccupied with the end of days coming, in fact I have never believed in this sort of thing. For a while I filled my head with news of freemasonry and possible new world commissions for the coming era. I found riddles of high magic and signs of darkness displayed in front of innocents trapped in the transient spaces of an unusual airport. For days I looked through my cards and asked myself questions to do with skills of divine influence versus man-made schemes. It was very unsettling both for me and for the people that surrounded me. Once I managed to purge the viral plague from my thoughts, I grounded myself back in reality and instead I have used this time to prepare for 2013 and the surprises that are in store. Embracing a new shade to my same old hues is both inspiring and a little intimidating.

So what do I want to do with all of this now?

Lately my thoughts are winding like clockwork. They turn on the hour and change as if by divine blessing. We should take this opportunity to really figure out which areas of ourselves merit exploration and which ones would be best to fade to the background. We can’t really focus all of our attention on those things that aren’t worth wasting time and energy on.

Let's talk a little bit about last week's cards. Last week started off with a surprise visit from J and followed with some fast action in getting ready for the holiday rush. On Friday he came swooping by for a kiss and so the fast weekend started. We celebrated Mom's birthday in wild style, although moving away from my responsibilities was pretty tough. Sometimes I needed some privacy to get my mind sorted out, there were so many things circling around in my head. When the noise builds up, I need to take a break to sort out those feelings on the inside. I was ready to continue the wild hustle and bustle afterwards, but I have to admit that trip was necessary.

This week we have a little bit of everything, and even some repeating cards to show us the way into 2013. This weekend looks to be pretty interesting, let's hold out to see where everything will go. Are you ready for another week to commence? I think I am.


Monday. Eight of Wands. A repeat card! Here we can find once more the race against time and the fast action necessary to get things done. Everything is moving very fast, and we won't always get the time to sit around and think about what we're doing. When we're on the go, we have to make things up as we go. There isn't always time for a plan, and in races against time such as these, spontaneity is mandatory. Plan as you go, it can be worth it too!

Tuesday. The Lovers. This card is so very different from the dreamy one we saw last week. It is not a card of intense love and being swept off your feet, it is a more rational or mature love that does not need the intensity of the other to feel manifested. Last week it was exactly that, the romantic surprise of being swept. It felt like a fairytale made manifest and a dreamlike reality. This week around I may have sobered up a little, but those feelings are still absolutely there... and not going anywhere.

Wednesday. Nine of Wands. This is burnout if I have never seen it before. The soldier stands guard but everything else is up in smoke. He's tired and he's unsure but he's still there because he won't abandon his post. I have to admire his courage to keep doing what is right even though the circumstances are trying and inhospitable. He's still going, and that's what we need to do even if we're tired. It's not too far from the truth, I feel absolutely exhausted.

Thursday. Six of Cups. Melancholy can be a great, and yet very terrible gift. On one side it can be sweet, it can  mean to enjoy a treat that is notable since childhood. It could be to meet up with someone I haven't seen in a long time to catch up with. Sometimes I see it as a visit of someone who knew me before, but with the passing of the years also the reminder that we have grown a little more and that we are no longer the same that we used to be. There an be a gift of melancholy, of missing things the way that it used to be and possibly getting stuck in that moment. In that sense it can be painful and hard to let go of something we care so much about. Whatever the case, receive those chances with open eyes and an open mind and let yourself be surprised.

Friday. Seven of Coins. Another repeat card! A vast rosebush offers lovely gifts for her. She has one in her hand but she is trying to reach for one that is a bit more out of reach. She needs to be careful so as not to prick herself with the thorns, which can make this task arduous or troublesome. The sunlight streams through the roof of her private garden. She is well but she needs to assess the situation. One wrong turn of the hand and she could prick herself. I've been in this situation before! Friday is bound to be an interesting day, so let's see how it turns out.

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Just when you get yourself situated somewhere, things spin wildly and change once more. There is never really any telling of where our lives are about to carry us. We need to be receptive to the changes — or lack thereof — coming to grace us with new challenges and experiences. In this card we see a country bumpkin met with a great King. The King has his crown on a cushion and he offers it as a big gift and a responsibility. We won't know exactly what it is until we put the crown on and feel its weight.

Sunday. Two of Wands. Being between two worlds or two decisions is never quite easy. To dream of something much better than where you are now but still know there is a long way to go. You've gotten far, but you know that your world is actually quite small. So what now? You're looking out for the alternative, but nothing has become concrete as of yet. Here you are making plans for the next step, but it all needs to be done patiently and with the right mindset. First make a decision, then take a step forward or a few steps back. It's entirely up to you!

What to avoid. Ace of Wands. The flame ignites sometimes and we go with our feelings. Logic and passion disconnect as passion takes over. The result is a flare, a flash of light and the speed of adrenaline as it pulsates through you. You're caught in the speed of the moment and you go blind with passion. It's a good reminder not to let passion cloud the mind. We do the things we regret most in fits of rage. Turn this passion instead into doing things you love, or else you can get burnt out.

What to strive for. Queen of Swords. There she is, my fair signifier looking bold as ever! This wise Queen is definitely not one that you want to cross sharp words with. Her posture is lawless, her eyes gaze right at you and she's armed with the truth. This is the harsh exterior of a warrior that has learned through hard experience, and that will be able to pass fair judgment even under pressured circumstances. This is the card of someone that has no time to waste and that will find personal distaste in anybody trying to do the same. The least friendly of all the Queens in the tarot, but my personal favorite because it is a direct portrayal of me and what I am like: serious and disciplined.

House. This can be quite literally a house. For me, it can also present working from home or a foundation for something to be used in the future.
Tree. The tree has to do with matters of health over long time. It has to do with a strong foundation or the growth of a concept that can branch out to new things.

 House + Tree. Spend time working on home & health matters. It will be main priority this week to get everything back to speed.

My break was necessary but I am still pretty exhausted. Please expect the Year in Review soon as well as some other surprises. Let's wind down the year in style!

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