What a week, what a weekend! That Tower I was so worried about was actually the loss of all my e-mails. I went through a major race through time to get 06 e-mail accounts sorted out, take Mom shopping and for dinner, touch base with J, AND work towards my daily goal. It all went great, but I did often feel as if I had been loaded with more happenings than I could handle.

Conveniently, my boyfriend was shipped off to his family for the majority of the weekend, which left me a window to catch up on work and fix things up around the house. I worked my hands off like a little ant and faced many circumstances that were out of my control. The most shocking event happened to be the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. I first heard from a close friend that I had been discussing a possible death to back in October. We dismissed the issue until it came up in the news. When I received the distress text message and I Googled the headline, I met with an ugly reality and a lot of questions. Why would a kid massacre even younger children? What could he have suffered through in his life that merited retaliation on shiny souls waiting to leave their legacy on the world? I doubt that in his short 20 years he ever missed a plate of food on his table or knew what it was like to be homeless and in trouble. Even with possible bullying for being smart and different, — which happens to many of us, I should know — it's not a good excuse to extinguish the lives oh those that dreamed so vehemently to become admirable people.

The reast of the weekend wound down easily after that. The bitter drink was a lot to take at first, but washed down a little better with some wine and chocolate.

Today's spread is once more dominated by Major Arcana cards. The suit of Swords is missing, which can be a very good thing in festive days. I think I can do without the suit of Swords for a week, don't you?

I find that after a wild wheel such as this, we are entitled to a merry conclusion to 2012. Let's celebrate the fact that we are alive and together, because it's rough out there. All that we can truly say we have is each other.


♡ Monday. The Lovers. This woman got swept off her feet, just watch her as she floats towards her love! These two are on cloud nine if I ever saw it, just watch the romantic and dreamy elements around them. This is a call for passion in everything you do, which should be something you really enjoy. The climate in this card is especially nice, it feels slightly chilly, but enough not to need layered robes. They carry long dresses or sleeping robes, making this a sweet — as opposed to short and scandalous — affair.

Tuesday. Justice. Once more we find our Libra signifier. She holds the weights over a man in his downfall, but in her other hand she bears the sword. What will his fate be? I feel like he's plummeting to the depths, and even then she manages to keep her calm and test him. Should the right scale tip, she will show him mercy. If the test proves unfavorable for him, he will continue on his way down without backwards glance. This is a call to assess the situation with a fair mind. If the person we consider has earned their decadence, it isn't our role to stop the fate they craft for themselves. If they warrant compassion, I'm not opposed to showing that side either!

♡ Wednesday. The Star.
Look at the outcome for that question. After passing judgment on somebody, she finds a place to bathe in moonlight and dream. As she cleanses, her thoughts disperse from her mind and even her hair is various tones lighter. When we show gratitude for our blessings, we find healing and hope. The peace is a manifestation of serenity and the dawn of better times. This is quite lovely, and much more refreshing than other Star cards, which actually make me feel of loneliness and wasted youth — I'm sorry, that's just what I usually get! Maybe the warmth of the Victorian Romantic is rubbing off on me...

Thursday. Seven of Coins. With an exciting trip in the next couple of days, it's time to choose what to pack and what to leave behind while also having to worry about what to wear to J's work Christmas party. Just look, this is like an early manifestation of the Nine of Coins from the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck. It is the same atmosphere, the internal garden of choices and options.

Friday. Ace of Cups. Well, isn't this lovely? That dreamy lover swoops in for a kiss. So much emotion! It's fast, too. And absolutely not boring. I can admire the nudity in the card without it feeling carnal or objectified. This is lovely, and a romantic portrayal of a dream made real, isn't it?

Saturday. Eight of Wands. This is perhaps my favorite rendition of the Eight of Wands. Just watch the race versus time to win the race. There is so much determination to get things done and to also get the best of the other side. While no one is being doped out of this timely run, it looks like a fair manifestation of what can happen when two people have the same idea and yet don't agree on a final outcome. They are pretty tied, but watch as that man has just a little bit of an advantage. I really like this card, although it doesn't quite fit in with my usual interpretation of many messages exchanged over a short period of time.

Sunday. Strength. Those are a lot of lions! And she's not at all scared of them. The lady in the photo has just the right amount of strength to tame them from their temper and their fire. This is strength that can be calm even under pressure. You can be gentle — and not forceful — but still keep calm control of the things going on around you. It definitely isn't easy, and I can refer back to previous card draws from the year in which the Strength card was present. For me it is almost a wildcard because it never stands for the same situation twice.

What to avoid. Eight of Cups. Not everything always goes according to plan, you know? Disappointment can be hard to face and it can be equally hard if you're still willing to look for something more uplifting. When is it the right time to walk away from a project or a responsibility? It's a warning not to walk away from prior engagements at a moment's weakness. If the inspiration isn't flowing or if things aren't going according to plan, we shouldn't get frustrated and drop it. It should serve as a challenge to get creative and find another way ahead. When our sentiments are struck down, though, it may be tough to carry on through a full day without faltering in the slightest.

What to strive for. Three of Cups. This is such an excessive card for a party. Drink, talk, be merry and indulge in extravagant celebration. I can almost picture the room full of people peering over at the table causing so much ruckus. Picture that man guarding the champagne; it's late and he is absolutely tired while the women have the party rage on. It's a week of celebration for us thanks to Mom's birthday.

Clouds. Shady, murky times are ahead. Quite literally a storm or shade from the sun. Can allude to clouding our judgment or not being able to see joy / happiness in life matters.
Coffin. An end, there is no doubt about what this card means. Consider the blood spatter suggesting suffering. It's over.

Clouds + Coffin. The end of insecurity. The end of a shady period. The end of darkness.

How beautiful was that spread? Just look at all those inspiring cards! I haven't seen so much light brimming within a series of cards in a long time. Perhaps it is just the manner of the Victorian Romantic even with the difficult cards to deal with. Let's hold someone we care about and whisper how much we love them this week. I wish I could with Grandma.


  1. Actually, Clouds + Coffin depends on the direction of the dark cloud on the card. In your case : it is right next to the coffin.
    The end is not near, it is only a beginning.
    Sorry :/

  2. I just ordered the reprint of the Victorian Romantic from Baba Studio and seeing all these imges has really piqued my excitement!! Thanks so much for posting them and for your analysis too...

    1. You are very, very welcome. I really hope that you enjoy reading it!