End of year is an incredibly busy time for all of us — no kidding! There are so many loose ends to tie up, people to nurture with love and plans to be made for the upcoming year. I know for sure that I need to set aside some time for leisure and for relaxation, though, since it seems I am face first into my responsibilities half the time.

In last week's reading we paired a Lenormand draw with the rest of the week. I just want to look back and talk a little bit more about that before we proceed to this week's electric reading. The week in itself was about finding stable ground and getting centered again. I have been dealing with the notion that I have been floating around rather than working to materialize plans. As a result, that change can get a little confusing. The card draws made sense in most cases. I got to see my boyfriend on Wednesday, and on Friday I had something come in the mail as well as my paycheck processed. On the weekend I had a heart to heart with J and on Sunday I was absolutely tired. The spread made a lot of sense to me in all but the Seven of Swords. Let's hope that this spread helps many of you as much as it helps me!

This week's tarot deck is the Tarot of Prague by Baba Studio. It is a 1st Edition in pristine condition, long out of print but it still included the box and the book. I have wanted to read with it for a very long time and was lucky to find one on Ebay for a steal. The previous owner was very fond of this deck, but even so had to part with it. Lately I am on a roll with purchasing decks off personal collections because I also found out I bought a deck off the maker of the Mary-El Tarot. It is equally exciting to add to my collection decks that are valuable to me in terms of my learning progress. This one is a definitely necessary addition to my repertoire. I will offer the story in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that.

This week's spread has an abundance of Major Arcana cards, but still manages to include at least one card from every suit. I'm surprised! The general theme described in the Majors is about change and adaptation, a subject that makes sense at this time of year as we decide which plans to carry through and what will be discarded. I don't think I have ever had a daily draw for the Tower before, so I will be especially careful on Wednesday pertaining to this subject.

Without further ado, the spread:


Monday. Nine of Cups. Such emotional luxury! Watch the setup for a party as it springs into being, as people set the table and tie up the balloons. Often time the best part about an event is not the event itself, but preparing for it and indulging in dreams. This is the wish card, the omen for a positive start of the week. It seems to be a good day for a drink and a heart to heart, or to make a wish. It just might come true if we focus hard enough!

 Tuesday. The Lovers. This card is a pretty divine interpretation of what a relationship is. We're as statues, vessels for life that will have life breathed into us as love springs into being. This is a divine blessing of the things going down below, as the banner reads "Nothing better here below." They don't need anything but themselves to be happy no matter what anybody says. Once these two lovers dismiss divine and terrestrial influences, the best thing that they have is one another. Choices in between paths, relationships or types of love can occur, although it seems the decision has already been made. If asked, my priority will remain my relationship; (an allusion to self-love?)

 Wednesday. The Tower. Check out that blast! This is a very rattling Tower card with all that red bursting. It materializes the way fire transmutes and cleanses after it has burned everything down to cinders. It will provide a fresh start at the expense of a big shock. I can't help but hear VA-VA-BOOM going off in a very comic book style.

I have noted before that this card can point out a natural phenomenon that shakes cities up, or possibly even an unfortunate event such as 911. Note the people falling off the towers. As they free fall, they accept their fate even if it may not be the one they had envisioned for themselves.

Thursday. Page of Cups. Following suit to such an intense card, this can be seen as an apology or a gesture to soothe something difficult. I like to think of this card also as sweet love being offered, a crush spewing the guts of his or her feelings to a new beloved. This is the card of dreamy promise, and possibly good things that come after a rattling event.

Friday. Justice. A very hot-and-cold feeling can be described in this week's spread. To me, Justice is not led by emotions. It stands fair, and in this case she stands atop a symbol of wisdom. I feel that it is necessary to balance ourselves out as we go, and to decide whether we will return the message with kindness or with poignant statements that accompany our pride. Be fair, you'd like to be treated fairly as well!

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Radical changes coming about. This can be the card that makes everything all better, or sends any situation you're dealing with into a rut. Sometimes we come up on top, other times on the bottom. I feel that the figures on the top contemplate the ones down below. In their statuesque splendor, they're still people. They still feel and they still hope, which is a powerful message derived from this card. In simpler terms, it may be the day to go and clear my car for some tests.

Sunday. Four of Coins. Hah, there's really not much leeway here. There is one task at hand to focus on and no way to break out of that grip. You stick to a task until its done before you move on to the next, or else you'll find yourself coming back to fix it several times. The best thing to do when faced with a situation like this is to finish something right the first time. If there are mistakes, we will have to go back to fix them whether we like to or not.

What to avoid. Queen of Swords. My signifier! Watch her as she glows. Up until now I have seen statuesque depictions of people and situations, but this one is very colorful. Notice the grey background behind her, it seems to be winter time and that's where we are now. To stay warm in spite of the circumstances might be tough. I don't think it means to keep quiet instead of speaking one's mind, but I do think it means to watch what is being said. Perhaps a joke can come off to me as funny, but somebody else may take offense to my on-point way of saying things. I can be pretty tough sometimes.

What to strive for. Ten of Wands. Take it all in! Even if you can't handle the weight, it's worth staying busy and continuing that path onward. Notice the city behind this masked man, be doesn't really seem to be aware of the grand work behind him. His sight is set onward, to new heights and new adventures away from the place he has been at for a while. He's fed up with it and he's taking his party somewhere else.

There was no Lenormand draw today, but I may bring it back for next week's Hello Witches!

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