This week is so spade heavy! Wow! As you can probably tell, this is not a tarot deck. I have begun my voyage in cartomancy to expand my skills as an expert with the cards. I have embraced a whole new way to work with the cards, and look forward to sharing with you.
Spades are the element of Earth. They represent the direction of the North and they are the heaviest of the suits. They represent labor, career, housing, the physical body, discipline, and responsibility.

Clutters of Spades represent conflicts, clash, and hard sports in your life. Feeling trapped or boxed in. It says in the Playing Card Oracles book that they represent difficulties and challenges within the deck. They address tough issues that must be dealt with in real terms.

Wow, these cards can really sing. I can’t wait to do demonstrations for this blog on how to read with this deck properly. A review is coming soon as well!

The concepts in this post are actually mostly paraphrased and some even taken directly from the Playing Card Orales book by Ana Cortez. While I use intuition to read them, I am still studying this system and credit the book fully for the information presented here. The intellectual property belongs to Ana Cortez and her father, CJ Freeman.

♡ Monday. 11. Dango.
Someone could be manifesting in your life as a diva, looking for attention and their own self-interested agenda. They will be daring under any circumstance, and won’t resist to do something risky for an audience. It feels like it could be manifesting an irresponsible tendency. To me it seems like pushing limits and boundaries that have been established.

♡ Tuesday. 5♠. Circle of Crows.

Feeling trapped or ganged up on because of circumstances. What’s the way out? Hard to tell. It can feel like being at a crossroads without not one road being more promising than the other. It shows uncertainty, frustration and lack of satisfaction. It also depicts you feeling like the victim.

♡ Wednesday. 4♠. North Wind.
A strong, unsettling energy. Motivations that might go against you. Need to seek protection from powerful forces. I feel like it’s deep and can lead to problems if you let it.

♡ Thursday. A♠. Terra Incognita.
An ending that will pave the way for a new beginning. This card means death, loss and is the heaviest of the Aces. It means something concealed, stands for secrets. It also stands for change and the possibility of regeneration. You can’t resist changes, sometimes you just have to go with them.

♡ Friday. 3♠. The Grave.
Time to let go. Burying the things from the past that no longer serve you. A burden being carried.

What are you carrying that you can let go of? Unburden your shoulders, give yourself a chance to lay something to rest even though you clearly don’t want to. Loss is painful.

♡ Saturday. 8. The Garden.
The Garden. Labor of love. Supporting others with selflessness. Temptation. Beauty and charm.

Things that attract us can be very delicate, so we need to treat them with respect. When you see something that you admire, respect it. Learn when not to touch.

♡ Sunday. 9. Gilles de Rais.
Extreme emotions that can overwhelm. Vulnerability. Compulsion. Sorrow that flows. Compassion. Selfless caring.

When we open up our hearts to others, we become very vulnerable at the same time. We let others see parts of us that are hard for us to show them. With our soul exposed, we have nowhere to hide. It can lead us to extreme manifestations of emotion when we are hurt, because we can be easily hurt when we really invest ourselves in something.

♡ What to avoid. 9♠. Throne of Spiders.
Try not to work yourself to the bone. Overworking yourself is not taking care of yourself. Energy drain. A heavy burden. Co-dependence. Bad company. Need to let go. Peers leading you in a poor direction.

Predatory cards like this seem like warnings to me. On one hand, it could be working your hands off. Working yourself to exhaustion. I feel like on the flip side it could be someone that wants to take something from you and that could really harm you.

♡ What to strive for. 2♠. The Enemies.
Separate one fact from another when you don’t agree. If you are prone to arguments, let it happen because it is a natural thing. Sometimes you just can’t oppose nature, you have to clash with it.

Isn’t this deck beautiful? I can't wait to share more with you!

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