I missed the IAMX concert when they played at the Fonda Teathre on May 15th, 2013. It was so hard for me because I was dreaming of seeing them live with J. We had plans to find tickets and go see them together. The concert happened while I was taking care of my Mom in the hospital. The date passed and I knew I had missed out on something special.

IAMX came into my life when J recommended them to me. He told me Chris Corner was also in the Sneaker Pimps. All it took was one song to get me hooked; we would listen to it in the car or when we hung out, while having dinner, and sometimes before bed. The music is very loaded and the lyrics are heavy; to me the music is a tasteful activist. The night of the concert, I thought of J through every song, especially the ones with shared memories. I know he would have given anything to be there with us, but in truth he was there in spirit. I felt him through those songs. I know he was.

I bought my tickets for the Complex residency event the same day they came on sale. All of my friends got tickets, and I also got one for my Mom. It was to be her first time at a goth club, which seemed fitting to me considering she would see a prominent figure in the world of dark romance.

It was sold out very fast, with people still posting many adverts to find somebody to sell them spare tickets. My friends and I started to discuss the event, and in our anticipation dubbed it as our "prom night". And why not? Prom is supposed to be fun, a debut from one stage of life into another. We all remember our prom night as varying absences or train wrecks, so there it was: one night of magic that we could all celebrate together with one of our favorite musicians. We all went to the IAMX night at the Monte Cristo and had an amazing time dancing to IAMX and Sneaker Pimps, but getting to see the show live was so much more magical.




The experience itself was magic from the moment IAMX came on stage. The buzz and the excitement grew according to how full the venue was. By the time the lights turned off and our eyes turned to the stage, we were all jam packed in the Complex. When Chris Corner came out, we screamed in unison. During the concert, we were transported to another dimension full of emotive lyrics that rattled the very fabric of our existence. There as a unanimous sense of ecstasy that was so contagious. My friends and I had found a spot all together, and danced the night away in passion. The show is fantastic! The visuals aid the experience, but Chris, Janine and Sammi Doll's energy is what really makes it. They know we love them madly. I'm sure they could feel the love that was radiating from the crowd. They gave us so much love, too!


And so ends the Complex residency... for now. To my understanding, they may come back and do it again. Bring the magic back!

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