Talk about loaded! This is the most Major Arcana cards I have seen on a Hello Witches blog post. Jeez… the whole week is riddled with them! Save for two Minor Arcana cards, this whole spread is dominated. I decided to pull a clarity card on what is so big about this matter, and surprise, surprise! Another Major Arcana card pops up. All right, I get it. Let’s deal with what is coming!
I have been itching to delve into some tarot history. Finally, I took a dive and bout Il Menenghello’s Soprafino Tarot. It hasn’t arrived yet, and in my itch that I so desperately needed to scratch, I marched over to Amazon Prime and got myself the Ancient Italian Tarot. I am delighted by everything about it until we get to the card backs. Ugly! Murky! I want to paint over them with black acrylic. White would be nice, too. I'm actually going to go over it and write the meanings for the pips. Gypsies used to do it, some of my online friends do it too and I love the result. Photos soon!

Monday. The Devil. What evils have you trumped? Which beasts have you conquered? The Devil card is really resonating with me lately because of the Ritual of Triumph I am participating in. It’s okay to accept yourself as you are, to like yourself for what you are rather than for what you are not. I have come to accept myself with all of my strengths and all of my weaknesses as well. It’s part of who I am and I am excited to be experiencing this colorful adventure that is my life.

Tuesday. The Magician. See, he has attained his status. But has it been through trickery or hard work? It’s hard to tell. He seems perfectly equipped but his facial expression leaves a lot to be questioned. Regardless, drink. Life is too short to worry about who is after you, when all you need to focus on is on doing things yourself. Resourcefulness means you can do all your own work without having to rely on outsourcing.

Wednesday. The Fool. Not at all ready. What is going on here? We go from having all the tools to being on the move and losing our right shoe. Intuition will have to lead, because the side of ourselves that relies on action is a little vulnerable. Yet we step forward, because that is the big game that life has in store for us.

Thursday. Death. Times change. So you weren’t prepared. You get another day to figure things out and work a new alternative out. In times of change, remember that there are also new things coming your way even if it sucks.

Friday. The Hanged Man. Time seems to slow down after a difficult change. Things are left hanging, but in doing so, we get another perspective. An outside look into a problem we are immersed in can be refreshing. There is no better time to redefine.

♡ Saturday. Strength. Sometimes life can be difficult. Are we closing the lion’s mouth? Are we in control of our problems and how they nag us? Sometimes it takes restraint not to say what you really think, especially when you think others need to hear it. But then you need to remember that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Sunday. Ace of Cups. Embrace new love and faith. Allow yourself to share wholehearted experiences that make you resonate at a higher level. Seek out the emotional bonds that help you feel like a better person. Look for solace in things that cheer you up and keep you motivated. They will propel you forward.

What to avoid. Judgment. Don’t take any risks this week. Seem to keep outside difficult situations if you can. Don’t push the envelope, and accept that some things are out of your control because they come from a higher place. When you are in tune with your place in the world and the mission you have come to accomplish, you will find the call to action is not as jarring as you would think.

What to strive for. Page of Coins. Little progress is a key to bigger futures. Have pride in your work and present it in the best way possible because that is precisely what helps you stand out from other people and how they perceive you. Never forget you are one with purpose and you will get the chance to carry out your purpose.

Clarifier. The Lovers. It is all a blessing in disguise. Remember that all is connected, and you are not the exception. Accept that which is given to you and watch it multiply into a series of things you have been trying to attract to your life. Say yes to life.

What a powerful message.

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