I finally got to spend some more time with the tarot decks that I bought at the Kaisen X. An immediate observation that I picked up from them is that they are made up of fan art. These decks are compilations of a selection of favorite illustrations from the series, cropped to include the main character. The cards have very little interaction with others, but string an interesting dialogue when placed side by side.

It's interesting for me to work with concepts far from the tarot. These two decks of cards are more like a foreign oracle to me. What they are in reality is a random crop placed in a color frame with a # and a suit slapped onto it. The cards are not exclusive adaptations from the tarot either, so I don't feel that the card meanings will be depicted in the illustration. The poses don't suggest anything from Rider-Waite or Marseilles, and the cards lack any Wands, Cups, Swords or Wands. There aren't even different characters for court cards. The booklet does have English translations of the card names, which will be convenient for studying them. Since I can't read the Chinese characters on the, I will be using it as an oracle. The body language alone is enough to add to a reading. Any other figures or props that pop up in the cards will be an indicative. I don't need card meanings to read her expression and feel her environment. I love the fact that it is easy for anyone with a background in cartomancy to read intuitively.


I find Miku's personality to be on the sultry side. She comes off as flirty in her depictions, maybe even naughty. I would recommend this tarot for sassy schoolgirls that are trying to make sense of their crush and all the changes that are going on around them. This tarot is centered around music and magic, two subjects that really interest adolescents. It is a lighthearted deck of cards, but at the same time it suggests the dark impulses or thoughts that people tend to suppress. I wouldn't use this as an actual tarot deck, but I would supplement my tarot readings with a 3 card draw for each person I am reading about. I love her hair, too!

I haven't checked this anime out yet, but I would like to read the manga if it is available. I'm curious to know more about this character, it might help with the card interpretations.


I love the bubblegum pink borders on this tarot deck. The images are very sweet, with subtle suggestions to bedrooms and intimacy. The Chobits Tarot revolves around the main character, Chii, but it does have more cameos than the Miku Tarot. There is also a lot of white lace and translucent clothing, reminiscent of lingerie. This could be a fun tarot to use when reading about intimacy and sex. I think I will keep these cards for private readings only, unless a client's is centered around the needs for some clarity on what's going on in the bedroom.

I watched this anime a very long time ago. I remember that it was the summer right before I turned 16, and I was staying at a hotel in Dorado. I really enjoyed it, but it didn't cause as much of a hype as Sailor Moon did, way back in the day.

I forgot to take pictures of the Sailor Moon Tarot, but I think I will leave it for the next week's review. Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched and the only manga I read. That series deserves special attention from me.


  1. I wish I had the Miku tarot. It looks so pretty. If you want to know more about Miku, well she doesn't have an anime but I have found online a manga. She's from Vocaloid a computer program that sings from Japan.

    1. That's pretty rokkin'! I got her black haired transformation as a doll for somebody that I used to know. I was quite fond of it, too!

      : ] Thanks.