I shuffled these cards again because the spread didn't make sense the first time around. I attribute the flaw to the fact that my thoughts have been a little scattered lately. There is a lot of stress pertaining to work, as foreseen in last week's projection. The first time around, this spread told me to strive for Page of Cups and avoid the Ace of Pentacles scenario, but now the situation is inverted. I knew my thoughts were scrambled!

The aggitated wands are bringing trouble with them. I see a dangerous combo of feelings, thoughts and situations that bring with them a difficult scenario. It's a wonderful warning not to get feelings involved in something so impersonal. I am impressed at how accurately consistent these weekly readings prove to be, with or without the aid of documentation.

The deck used is the Loginova Tarot. I will be posting a thorough review this Friday on how this deck came into my life, and why it is that I love it so much over others. It's very simple and poorly constructed, but I love it all the same.

Monday. Three of Wands. This person is looking over the horizon, beyond the vantage point and wondering how things are going on the other side. Will the ships come to port soon? What to they bring with them? An uneventful day of waiting, waiting and more waiting. This is a sign for need of patience in order to see situations resolved.

Tuesday. Two of Wands. Things are working out, or perhaps going backwards. In this card, the person has chosen one wand over the other. The wands are symbolic aids for two different paths. Once it is chosen, things are brought back into motion. I will be presented with a decision in which I will be able to move forward, or so I hope.

Wednesday. Nine of Pentacles. This is always a good sign of comfort and personal enjoyment. This woman is enjoying all the gifts life has presented her with, and she doesn't need anyone else to remind her of that. She's a one-woman part! This card also stands for enjoying the fruit of labor.

Thursday. Five of Wands. In this card, everyone defends their own ideals. Since no one can agree on a single purpose or goal, they all argue which one will get what over whom. It's never a fair scenario when there are these many clashes, because not everyone can win. This card stands for clashing, arguments, the battle of the egos insistently comes back to bother us.

Friday. Page of Swords. This person acts like a child, regardless of age or experience. I find that jumping bull very funny, but appropriate. He's charging because he saw red, but he's not necessarily in control of his actions as he attacks. Immaturity can often be a detrimental factor in a confrontation. The best message I can get from this card is not to stoop down to the same immature attitude and behavior. There is a chance of being attacked with sharp words that have no value, so the most important step is to ignore the aggravating factor. I have found that I am learning how to deal with situations like these in a much better way than I used to. It's all so hasty here!

Saturday. Queen of Wands. She sits on her throne but she's fierce. That big cat next to her is furious and ready to pounce on the boy with the sword over him. She keeps her calm, but everything around her is flaring with life and aggression. That red sky churns with energy, which I feel is how this Queen controls her environment. I love the interaction between the cards in this deck.

Sunday. Ten of Cups. A day to enjoy in family. They look very happy to be presented with a new family member, with the rainbow over their heads presenting blessings for the future. Regardless of whatever problems are going on, the outcome looks to be a very satisfactory one. It's a sign to enjoy the victories and ignore the losses, because in the end all we've got is each other. A worthy sign.

What to avoid. Page of Cups. Don't get emotional. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve if others are just going to trample over it. You should know better than to stoop to low games by now. If you're old enough, act it.

What to strive for. Ace of Pentacles. Whatever gets the job done. There is an amazing opportunity coming up; take it and harvest it. Make this seed into something that will benefit everyone and not just yourself. This is positive raw energy to take advantage of.

Two Pages show a lot of immaturity in communication and feelings. Dealing with these situations isn't easy, especially when the opposing part isn't willing to come to reason. When these things happen, it's best to do what benefits the greater good and set aside the differences that start trouble. A look into my Annual Review from last November tells me we're right on track, which makes me feel at ease because of the fact that I have high hopes for July and August. Let's see what life brings.


  1. Just wanted to comment on this deck, ML. I really like it, but see that it is made up of copies of other deck's cards - interesting. I see the 10 of Cups from The Golden Tarot and the two pages from The Connoley Tarot.

    Another interesting set!

  2. Hi Prince Le Normand,

    I hadn't realized before that it is a spliced deck. Thanks for the observation, it'll enhance the way in which I approach it for my review.

    Here are all the other cards in it:

    My story with this deck is funny. I saw it in use on a video chat and immediately fell in love. It looked pink in the video, but even the pixelized thumbnail of these cards screamed messages out to me. I set out to find it a year ago and managed to get a hold of it last week! Funny how some decks just call like that.

    I am currently being called by Legacy of the Divine Tarot. I wonder which one will be the last that calls.

    Thanks for stopping by! : >