These weekly forecasts are turning a little creepy on me. Last week's Death card was a real big change, and I should have seen from the Justice card that it was going to be a rectifying event. In pulling back to look at the reading from a broader perspective, the spread in itself was telling me that I had an opportunity to talk to my Grandfather once he came back from his trip to Russia. Death was present as a catalyst of change, because my Grandfather and I had not spoken since New Year's Eve in 2011. I had been very worried about him and when he might want to see me again, but he was unbending in his apparent distance. This change in him was unexpected. Even though I had many things to say, I just went with it.

The Knight of Pentacles also pointed out the fact that he brought me a gift, which turned out to be the Golden Tarot of the Tzar, a luxurious looking tarot based on the iconic art of Russian Orthodox Christianity. This is one of Lo Scarabeo's metallic decks — the saints and biblical scenes have textured gold backgrounds. Absolutely gorgeous! I began to shuffle the deck to awaken it from its slumber in the shelves of the Tarot Museum in Spain. After I did a quick three card spread for him, he pulled an extra card that turned out to be the Death card. I didn't notice until the next time I thought about my weekly projections. I was so shocked!

Today's spread is focused on a single event that may be present throughout the whole week. It looks like an emotional struggle in a situation. The reading is missing the grounding suits of Wands and Pentacles especially, which could mean it's not a palpable issue, but rather one of emotional dialogue. Justice is standing her ground and trying to defend herself from The Hermit and The Hanged Man, which looks like a scenario in which one must stand by what they feel to be right rather than the new perceptions that are coming in.

Monday. The Hermit. Seeking answers. Finding the way as pointed out by one's own inner light. In this context it feels like asking for guidance from divinity to know which path to take. It is also a clear manifestation of the Hello Witches weekly projection, since that is what I am doing now.

Tuesday. The Hanged Man. Saint Nikitas is making a sacrifice for an ideal in the card. I see it as slaying inner demons and dark thoughts to find that path into the light. The search can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for, and often times that means divorcing a false truth. In this spread it can mean to learn to make sacrifices for the improvement of life as a whole. It's not an easy task. I would like to note that this is the first Hanged Man that I have seen standing upright, but perhaps the real Hanged Man is in the devilish figure.

Wednesday. Five of Swords. Conflict. Again the reminder that we can't win them all, and that we must always be prepared to face adversity. It's understandable that there will be obstacles in every task that leads to becoming a better person. At least I am made aware there will be trouble.

Thursday. Thee of Swords. Loss. Shattered hopes. Punished pride. This looks like a loss to me. We don't always get what we want or what we set out to do, but it doesn't mean we should stop trying. I feel that I may want to intensify my efforts for the future, regardless of the struggle ahead.

Friday. Justice. Doing what is right even when met with opposition. The woman in this card isn't afraid at all. She stands ready with her sword and the scales, prepared to meet with impending opposition. Notice also the lack of armor, a powerful statement for someone that defends themselves with the truth and nothing more.

Saturday. Eight of Cups. Distancing from difficult situations. Leaving whatever has been built up to sustain itself while going to seek new beginnings. This could be a temporary leave from responsibilities to look for a more gratifying experience.

Sunday. Seven of Cups. I feel like this card points out that there are many distractions in my path. Things I want to do, things I need to do, things I know I have to do. They all come together and 'float', waiting to be picked out over the others. As it turns out, Sunday is a very busy day for me now, but it wasn't before.

What to avoid. Two of Cups. Avoid settling for less or compromising your feelings for another's. In this case, I feel the card is in a reversed setting. The shadow aspects arise, those of independence rather than two thinking as a whole unit.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. A very simple message: Look for your happiness. Look for the things that will fulfill you emotionally, things that will add to your cherished memories. Fight for that happiness, and that right to be happy.

I will clarify what the reading meant to say on next week's Hello Witches!

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