I have been away from my blog for a week now, which is the first time in a long time that this happens. On Friday I had J's graduation and celebration, which carried out over the whole weekend. On Friday the Ace of Pentacles turned out to be the prospect of a new job. I had an interview that day, after which I zoomed over to the Convention Center to watch my boyfriend walk. It was nice to see his Mom again, even though I could tell he was very upset with a setback in the day. We went for lunch after, and later celebrated over drinks. The whole weekend was spent in social events and circumstances.

This week I have a bit of everything, except Major Arcana cards. This means it'll be a week in which I don't have to worry so much about where I am going spiritually, rather, than how my career is unfolding. I see a card from every suit, but a notable influence in the world of career and finances. Last week the Ace of Pentacles stood for an interview. I wonder what it will stand for this week. It's very interesting considering everything comes and goes in waves in my life. At least I have the comfort of knowing my path is being carved out to my liking this time around. Let's get to the interpretations of the cards!

Monday. Eight of Swords. A day to play things safe and not take any risks. The woman is fenced in by the swords, which will only allow her to go a certain way if they open up to let her pass. Sometimes we find ourselves in cages of our own design. We set traps for ourselves instead of goals, and in turn we could feel like we don't have the time that we need in a day or the time necessary to rest.

Tuesday. Three of Wands. Waiting. I've done so much already that this card tells me the hard work is done for now. I'll just have to sit and wait to see what the tides bring in. I have so many tasks to keep me occupied anyway, the time will fly by without me even noticing the fact that it has. The two wands behind he person seem to be expectant. They have been left in the open.

Wednesday. Ace of Pentacles. A repeat card. The Ace of Pentacles is an opportunity in business or a lucky sign for finances. I often find Aces to be energy that is not yet realized but that is manifesting in the area of its element. This can mean an opportunity for career or good news in terms of clients coming in.

Thursday. Six of Pentacles. The person in the card weighs his options, to see which one will bring him the most benefits. This time around I don't feel that I am the person in the card, but rather the object that the person is holding. The scales are the representing image of my zodiac sign. With the look of the person, I have the feeling I will be examined to see how productive I am, or what it is I can bring to the table. An interesting situation, because there are others that are waiting on the same opportunity as I am, and they are represented in the grabby hands at the bottom.

Friday. Three of Pentacles. Hard work. I feel that in this card, skills are being polished and work is being shown off. This is the, "do you see what I can do?" situation of the card. The person in it shows his work with pride after sweating, thinking, hemming and humming to come up with something that people will admire and use.

Saturday. Two of Pentacles. A choice. Weigh one possibility over the other, or keep the energies flowing as they have been in the past. Saturday is a day to balance work and fun, and still get things done. The ship in the back makes it feel like a card of productivity and challenges. Interesting prospect.

The order in which the cards have shown up really gets me thinking. I can see why they came out in the order that they did, and I am happy to know that this is a warning to keep myself on my feet for the tests that are coming up in the next few days. Back to work!

Sunday. Page of Cups. A chance to sit in someplace quiet with a cup to enjoy myself. Sunday looks like a day of rest, of lavish thoughts and circumstances. This Page looks expectantly into the future, into his dreams of a house and of making a name for him or herself.

What to avoid. Ten of Cups. Avoid feeling too at home or comfortable, because in doing so I won't be looking for progress. Settling down emotionally can point out to the fact that I have grown used to the freelance life. The rainbow makes it feel like a dream or an illusion rather than the reality of the situation, and it's something good to keep an eye out for.

What to strive for. King of Cups. Accepting changes gracefully, seek advice and accept the emotional changes that come with the circumstances. In a way it is an opposite acceptance of emotions from the what to avoid scenario. I will have to see, this Court card came up last week as well.





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