Now this is a story worth sharing! I first saw this tarot deck on May of 2011, one of my psychic co-workers from the Ukraine was using it while on her web cam chat. I saw them with a pink hue although they are actually red, but that definitely got my attention. After weeks of badgering that reader to tell me the name of the tarot or the author, a friend of mine managed to win the name from her. It is the Loginova Tarot by Сергей Логинова, or Sergei Loginova. I made the mistake of googling it with latin letters rather than cyrilic, and as a cruel joke from the secret society of Russian fortune telling, I found nothing. I gave up on my feverish results after a very extensive venture, but I still tried to find it from time to time. One day, almost a year later I stumbled upon the reader's room and I caught a few screen shots of the cards to post on the Aeclectic Tarot forum. Two hours later I had found my name and a link through which I could purchase it off Ebay at a reasonable price. I bought a copy and I celebrated a little early. Three days later I received a notification from Ebay stating that my seller had been banned. After I opened a case, it escalated in seven days and I received a refund.

The search continued for days until I found a web site that sold it for a reasonable price, but would not go back in stock until May 2. I promptly bookmarked the web site and waited. A month or so later, I received an e-mail from the seller that had previously been banned. He confided that he had been in a terrible car accident but that he was happy to have survived. I sent him well wishes and proceeded to purchase a copy for the second time. Two weeks later I received my package. It showed that he had taken the time to package it nicely, but I could tell that something was off when I realized my box had been taped shut. When I peered inside, the little white booklet was missing and the cards were out of order. I could see some frays on the borders indicating that the cards had been used before. There was no cellophane wrap anywhere (obviously) and the cards were arched. If this would have been a deck I had bought to collect I would not have been very happy. Since the cards are going to end up worn anyway, I took it as a sign that they are meant to be used. I suppose I won't be keeping this deck in pristine condition, it's already not new! I have the impression that it has been used many times before judging by how worn that box was.

The Loginova Tarot is not the most polished in image of tarot decks. It is composed of loose computer generated graphics and it is printed on paper stock that will easily wear. There is an abundance of gradients and highly saturated colors, but it speaks to me regardless of all its design faux pas. It spoke to me even as a mess of pixels, which is why I remained persistent to attain it. I love this deck regardless of all its flaws.

I don't require glamorous decks that glitter or gilded edges that amaze. It's a plus and an advanced feature for those who enjoy mesmerizing their clients, but it isn't always necessary. The lavish details of a deck are meant to impress others and can be a luxury while reading, but are definitely not necessary. A deck with no glam can read just as powerfully, and perhaps better than one with glistening distractions. You don't need glitz and glam to dazzle your clients, and this tarot deck will prove it!

For those that don't mind foreign titles on their tarot and can work from memory, I recommend this tarot deck. I consider it to be a funky rendition of the RWS tradition with some alterations. Apparently the Loginova Tarot is a rework of many well-known tarot decks. My friend Prince Le Normand made the observation that they have pulled direct references from Kat Black's Golden Tarot and the Connolly Tarot as well. Good eye, Sniper! I had not realized this previous to the observations.

LOGINOVA TAROT INTERVIEW:What is your most important characteristic? Ace of Cups. Accept this gift of replenished feelings and nurture your needs based on what I can offer. It doesn't always need to be a pristine gift for it to bring you what you need. It's okay to have some minor flaws, that will help your experience become more fluid and less dependent on keeping it pristine.

What are your strengths as a deck? The Fool. Inverted. I don't stumble or stop. I just follow the road and the spontaneous turns that are presented to me. It's an adventure and I don't question in. If I feel like traveling the familiar route, I can do so at any moment. This is a controlled journey.

What are your limits as a deck? The Star. Inverted. I won't always give you the hope you need if you seek it where there is none. I'm not as conceptual as other decks and I won't have the depth that you seek in others. I'm simple; I enjoy the journey and that's how it should be for you when you look through my cards.

What are you here to teach me? Knight of Cups. Inverted. To control your emotions and stay grounded. Simple is better sometimes. If your emotions are entangled and complicated, I'm going to teach you to look at things objectively. To look at things as they are, and not as they could be.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Two of Swords. Inverted. Don't block what you are afraid to work with; learn to flow. Be open to interpretations that you don't usually use.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Five of Pentacles. Inverted. You will find your way out of difficult situations with my help.

What is your favorite card? The Hermit. Inverted. You make your own path. You don't need a favorite card to tell fortunes.

How do you see me? Eight of Cups. You are moving away from set and stable foundations to find new tricks. It's time to revisit what you know about the tarot. Find new things in old places and spark that interest up from when you started.

How do you see yourself? Six of Pentacles. An enabler, but only going as far as you allow me to.You have to accept my help before we can see some progress first.

This is the first time I have conducted a tarot interview while employing the use of reversals. It brings another layer of reflection upon a reading, but the same could be considered if the card was upright. I hope you liked the Loginova Tarot!


  1. You know, I actually think it is very beautiful. Well, it looks it from the photos anyway, since I cannot see any wear or tear. I really like the red and how it contrasts with the pinks and reds. Very stunning.

    I totally agree with you about decks. I have recently been working with the RWS and it's clones - the Radiant, the Original, The Commemorative, the Hoi Polloi and the Universal. I have the Golden Waite on order. There is something about stripping back to the basics that appeals. It's like turning the light on.

    If people are not into tarot, I think they think that most cards are beautiful when being read for. And most don't even notice. They are more interested in what I am saying. I think that the decks needs to impress you, since it is you that conveys it's meaning. I think that what someone says is far more important than a pretty table layout. I have seen much of that over the years; figurines and expensive decks and readers who can't really deceither the meanings of the cards.

    I love reading personal reviews of tarot and how people came to find them so much more than what size the cards are, what system they follow, blah, blah :) Enjoyed this. I love that you work so hard with your packs.

    1. RWS clones have something really nice to them. They re-work the system that I know and love. That has to count for something, right?

      I think it beautiful as well, it's a deck that appeals to me because of its crystal goblet quality. It is not so much the container, but the message, (or content.) It's quality stuff!

      I'm really appreciative of the fact you come back to check out what I've got to say, or what's new. It has helped us get to know each other better, most definitely!


  2. Thanks a lot for attention to a pack which I drew. I'm very glad.
    The pack has been drawn in 2003. In 2004 there was her first edition. I then knew nothing about those packs which you list. Now, just a week ago, there was a new edition of this pack in excellent printing quality, there is both a booklet, and a double tselofanirovaniye — the pack and a box.
    With respect and a wish of progress! All the best! Sergej Loginov.
    P. S. Now I work on a new deck of «Dance of Shaman» https://www.behance.net/gallery/50775579/Dance-of-the-Shaman