The Knight of Pentacles manifested with a really nice surprise on Saturday. It turned out to be a gift from one of my clients! I was really humbled with gratitude, because little gestures like these say so much. This time the card manifested itself as a gift being delivered, and an unexpected one at it. I will be blogging about it later this week. Thank you Paul — I love it so much!

I have grown very fond of the Hello Witches weekly projections because they have turned out to be a personalized horoscope. Knowing that a specific symbol or entity will manifest daily keeps me alert to the things going on in my surroundings. It makes the curious waiting game fun and very, very useful. If you are studying the tarot, I strongly recommend using a weekly spread or a daily draw to help usher you through the week.

Wow — I forget how beautiful and whimsical the Shadowscapes Tarot is. It is a world within dreams, truly. Today's cards are mostly purple and yellow, with some greens and minimal blues. I see a card from each suit, which is always a good pointer of a balanced week. It is interesting to see the Knight of Pentacles repeated, and humbling. Paul said there was a second package on the day — that was really too thoughtful of you! Thank you Paul!

The Knight of Coins and the King of Cups are facing each other. I see interes crashing with emotions, which makes for an interesting showdown. While the Knight of Coins charges with the dragon, the King of Cups offers a large basin, swimming with the tortoises. A seahorse brings him a message.


Monday. Four of Cups. Being distracted with your thoughts, feeling like you want to be somewhere else or like the grass is greener on the other side. This could be one of two things — the fact that I have to work from outside and that I have a bunch of stuff to do, or the fact that I will be missing my weekly dance lessons to go and celebrate Grandpa's birthday for a second time. There is always something we wonder if we should be doing when we find ourselves distant from our responsibilities. We can't always stick to the plan, so we need to learn how to improvise. I need to learn how to improvise.

Tuesday. Knight of Coins. Once more we see the Knight of Cups bringing news of work or responsibilities that need to be tended to. A large coin hangs from the dragon's neck as a prize or a gift. They are sitting steady, watching a scene from afar. The possibility of a discrete encounter or message is possible.

Wednesday. King of Cups. This card has been persistently popping up for me in various personal readings. Could it be the manifestation of somebody I know in my life? This time around I just think it could be an overwhelming sense of past sentiments flooding into the present. I have noticed that the King of Cups is melancholic, he usually stares into the past or obsessively at someone he cares for. He is known as the only king without a mustache.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Sending out messages or e-mails. It's a fast-paced card that builds anticipation for the next day. I often see it as a bridge to something else, or a day that goes by unusually fast. This person is blowing those wishes to the wind, let's see what comes after those messages.

Friday. Nine of Swords. Yikes! What a stressful scenario. This angel looks out to the sky with a nightmarish situation happening. So many crows descend from the heavens, they look aggressive or predatory. It may prove to be a worrisome day in one way or another.

Saturday. The Hanged Man. A day to go over the bad news. The Hanged Man calls to seek the positive in the worst of situations. We can't always control our surroundings, it takes a willing sacrifice to let things flow as they have to. I get a sense of release from the Hanged Man. He's not worried about whether or not he will fall, he is suspended in time and he seeks enlightenment within. It is through the most difficult times of our lives that we have to get creative to find solutions. He trusts in the messages he receives, perhaps I should as well. It's hard to let go.

Sunday. King of Swords. And there he is again. I always associate this card with my dad, although he takes turns between this suit and Cups. My father is a very cold cut person, he has a strict code of ethics that he follows no matter what. His mind is sharp and he tends to stay alone throughout most of his life. The way in which he acts is fair, but it's often the sword of Justice, rather than the scroll. Still, he is a smart man that isn't afraid to stand up for himself.

What to avoid. Seven of Cups. Avoid being indecisive or getting stuck in situations that can lead to feeling that way. This couple has an array of possibilities before them, one stares into the plans for the future that have been written down, and the other points out possibilities that lie elsewhere. It's necessary to know where you're going to make a decision, and if you want to reach higher ground, you should probably stick to the original plan. A new interpretation for the Seven of Cups, and one that I find says a lot with so little!

What to strive for. The Devil. And so we meet again for a second week in a row. This time around the card is telling me to accept limitations or circumstances that don't allow a lot of growth. It sounds an awful lot like self-imposed leisure. The truth is that I take on a lot of responsibilities during the week, and if I'm not careful with myself, I end up burnt out. There are underlying messages of desires and vices in this card which could point to any of my guilty pleasures; adding to my tarot collection, drinking champagne, kissing J, and sacrificing work to have a little more fun. I won't be able to drink this week because I am taking some medication to prepare me for the surgery. Oh well!
Mercury Retrograde, you win for now!


  1. RE: The King of Cups

    I like some of interpretations for that card in various contexts here on this site: http://www.psychic-revelation.com/reference/q_t/tarot/tarot_cards/cups_king.html

    1. I see, it is placing him in all possible contexts! Perhaps a little difficult to study if we don't consider the cards next to his, or over/under. They certainly have influence as well!

      Thanks for the resource : ) I love the gifts!

    2. You are most welcome, Monica. :)

  2. I love the reading this week hi I love the martial arts missus :) Im a purple belt in KARATE :) WADA RU !!! STYLE !!!!