Last week the Knight of Coins brought me another gift. I was really pleased with it! The Kings ended up manifesting as my Grandfather and my Father. I saw them on the days the cards turned up. Using the tarot on a weekly basis allows me to see it in a more mundane level. I tend to go with the divine meanings of the tarot, the messages behind the rubble that connect us with our higher selves. After coming to that realization, I have begun to look at the tarot from a more civil point of view. The observations range from daily activities to just feelings.

I have a difficult week ahead of me. On Tuesday I am to be submitted to surgery for the removal of my bottom wisdom teeth. Two controversial Major Arcana cards test my endurance and set me up for a scenario I can't control. There are three Major Arcana cards present this week — all controversial to some degree. It is both comforting and unnerving to find my signifier card on Tuesday! Throw me a bone here... The suit of Swords is missing, denoting a lack of communication with anyone not present in my life throughout the week. If you think that I'm hard to reach, wait until this reading is in full effect!

Monday. Page of Coins. An opportunity to get my finanial plans in order before the day. This means tying up loose ends, carrying out appointments crossing over from last week and running away pending errands. A Page goes through the court to deliver messages, these are primarily influenced by finances.

Tuesday. The Moon. The Moon is seen as psychic visions, dreams and intuition. Ever since the first time I started reading tarot. I found this as my signifier. Unfortunately I know exactly what this card stands for here. The madness that ensures in such an active mind on anesthetics. There is lunacy in the instance we linger between waking life and the silent slumber induced by drugs. I'm not on advocate of drug use and it's testy to know I'll be put down with an anesthetic on the day of my surgery.

Wednesday. Wheel of Fortune. Accepting changes gracefully. Knowing your limits and letting things go with the flow. Life takes odd turns we can't control, but we should enjoy the luxury of being on top while we can. This card looks like it's about to shake up the people that are currently on top. Notice the fool being catapulted off the wheel; it goes to show what goes up must come back down.

Thursday. Five of Cups. Interpreting this card in context, it looks like three painful days are down with two more to go still. The spilled cups speak of pain, of anguish and of forgetting about the resources still left. It looks like the medicine is going to have to be a little stronger to endure that pain. In a traditional point of view, the spilled cups contain emotions that have been lost. The person has his back turned from what is left, mourning only the loss of such. It points out the possibility of wafting depression as it overtakes us.

Friday. Three of Wands. Expecting a solution to come from far away. We can't tell whether the person is resting until what he waits for comes into view. It can be a ship with visits or work, but for the most part there is a lingering feeling of anticipation after a disappointment. It says, "I'm still here, waiting for a new solution" to me.

Saturday. Ten of Wands. This person shoulders great responsibility while walking towards the future. It presents a departure from the rest of the reading, notice how previous cards look towards the left. The other cards look towards the past. Whatever was expected during the week comes in on this day for sure. Look at how much I'll have to work with later!

Sunday. The Magician. Having the tools necessary to work. This is a lovely conclusion to a week with such hardships. It looks like the time to get back into my element, the proper time to arrange everything on my work space and get back to making some magic happen. To some the Magician is a trickster, but to me he is usually a resourceful help. He's smart and he knows how to make his dreams real.

What to avoid. Nine of Coins. Avoid getting too comfortable in the luxury of home. Even in times of sickness, there are things to do. It's easy to get caught up enjoying the luxuries presented to us when we're in such a circumstance, but we should never forget our responsibilities. Too much of a good thing can be kind of bad for you.

What to strive for. King of Wands. This is J's signifier in most of my readings. It could be telling me to reach out to him or to embrace his attitude and ideals. The King of Wands is a fiery man, charismatic and charming. He's on his feet and ready for whatever comes. Looking into the past, he seems to be fixed on the Magician card. Perhaps this King will bring something to light this week.

I hope to be back with a new post on Friday. I have a special spread study planned — one of my own design! Very excited to share it with you!


  1. Great week reading!

    1. Hi Aurora,

      Thank you for stopping by! I would love to see how you approach tarot readings.