What do geisha have to do in Peru? You may ask. Peru has the second largest habitation of Japanese descent in Latin America after Brazil. That constitutes 3% of the population, which in proportion to the overall population is the second largest of any Latin American nation after Panama. That's a lot of people! I hope that makes this post contextual now. The activity was bustling with people, crowds very different to the ones we have grown used to from conventions. Still, the dynamic had the same principles delineating it: Promote, have a good time and promote some more.

Kokeshi Geishas & Taikomochi is an all-in-one inclusive catering service with a personalized Japanese touch. We bring entertainment, dancing, face paint, tarot readings, origami wishes and Japanese cuisine to clients and conventions. This project began just about a year ago and is now starting to rise to the public light. It has been largely accepted amongst three venues already, and will continue to make its way to our goal. We are devoting a lot of time and energy into the developing stage of this business, and are sure to give back to all of those who support our dream. If you would like to book a party with Kokeshi, send us an e-mail with a personal introduction and a brief explanation of your vision. Then you can meet our Geisha and Taikomochi in person!

The activity in itself was a lot of fun. It was a very familiar dynamic to the Nihon Matsuri with some great improvements in our work ethic. I donated my tarot services once more and found that people embrace it, no matter what the theme or activity. We met with the blessing of curiosity. People asked us why we were dressed that way, eager to participate with us. There's something magical about putting a costume on and taking on another persona, it brings out the best that you have to offer. It's always fun to be in character and to make that character come alive for others. Even if the experience is short, it is a rewarding one for sure.

The tarot corner of Umeko was a huge success. It brought me a lot of joy to see how excited some people were for their readings, and more compassion for those who sat down nervous about what I was going to tell them. It never gets old to see these reactions because it's always a different person with different needs. Those five to ten minutes of dialogue are crucial to my clients because they get to reevaluate the direction their lives are going in. If the issue they discuss with me is so important that it precedes all other aspects of their life in the reading, they get a second chance to really do what is right for them. At the end, those last messages present them with options they can consider to extend the experience of their reading. What they do from the moment they stand up is their own free choice. That's the beauty of self-empowerment.

Kokeshi will not be offering tarot readings forever, the business won't need the tarot as a source of entertainment once the traditional Japanese dances and the fusions that they are cooking up are ready for the public. I want to disassociate the image of magic from the company once it is no longer necessary for my cards to tag along. Afterwards there will still be some charms for luck and some wishes made real with origami, but that is as far as our vision takes us unless a client requests the cards specifically. This makes the moment more special, because with each reading that I complete, I am one step closer to the end of the elusive tarot readings done in Umeko's Corner. It is almost as if these people made their way to our activities at the right point in time, only to receive the messages that the really needed to know. Everything feels heavy with purpose this year, no matter how light or dark the situation.

Photos compliments of Sigfredo Vega.

A big thanks to J, the most handsome volunteer ever, for your tireless effort in our activities as well. You make the event worth the time devoted to it for me, even when we are presented with heavy challenges and unwanted attention from those who simply can't take a hint. Thank you so much.
Samhain Moon used to revolve around the festive and social aspects of my life. As the blog evolves, so has my spiritual consciousness and my life calling. There is barely any personal content adorning these electronic pages anymore, rather, musings that transcend the mundane aspect of our world. This is a direction I couldn't help going in, all the signs were there and leading me to it. It has been running for almost two years now, and I am in the works of planning something special to celebrate. I hope you will join me!

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