I based a spread on situations that can happen with toxic relationships when one person decides to take advantage of another. It is the very first spread that I have devised myself, and as such I want to share it with the world as a tool for self-empowerment. Some relationships have been based off second agendas and hidden intentions without the victim knowing of such. Sticky situations can have us feeling trapped, as if we don’t have choices or room to move. I hope this spread will shed some insight on this type of situation. I have named it The Spider and the Fly Spread.

Imagine a spider stalking around its silky net, hungry and in search of a victim to feed off of. It takes the time to weave the net into a trap to befall an unsuspecting passerby. The plan is etched and the trap is barely noticeable, so it’s only a matter of time and waiting until somebody gets caught in it. The unsuspecting fly is on its way to spiritual growth and development, when suddenly it finds itself in a hostile situation. It struggles and perhaps breaks some of the links on the web, but the spider has been expecting it all this time. The spider stealthily moves over to embrace the fly, and then spins a silky cocoon around the fly so that it won’t be able to leave. Defeated, the fly waits for the spider to decide its fate. From then on, it dies in rapture or by the kiss of the spider.

Another idea can be of an unwilling commitment, binding or contract. While involuntarily, it may keep us as prisoners to a specific circumstance. Care should be taken — if possible — to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes we can't identify secret agendas when we're interacting with new people, sometimes a friend you've known for years suddenly seems different, sometimes you just open your eyes to the truth. Entertained with the idea of relating this to the tarot, I have designed my very first spread. It will clarify messy or otherwise predatory situations we are known to get ourselves into.


Predator's Signifier. Who is the spider?
Victim's Signifier. Who is the fly?
When the Plans Hatched. When did the spider weave the web?
How it Affects the Fly. How did the fly get caught in the web?
What the Plan is. What is the spider planning for the fly?
How to Escape it. How can the fly escape the web?
Predator Outcome. Outcome for the spider.
Victim's Outcome. Outcome for the fly.CAUGHT IN A STICKY SITUATION?
Predators are beautiful by nature, it's that dark allure that they possess that can lure us in. They pack secret agendas, whether on purpose or not. It's part of their psychological buildup and their physical needs. It takes skills and expertise over those skills to fool the opponent or victim, and some people are naturally equipped to carry these actions out. It all ties into the rudimentary drives within all of us to survive in one way or another... and I love it. The way this works is fascinating to me on many levels, but it's always something to admire from afar. This blog post doesn't advocate taking advantage of others in any way.

Spiders as a symbol can be a predatory situation you find yourself in but are unaware of at first; just as a fly as it wanders into the web. Suddenly finding itself in a bad place and struggling to break free from the trap that was laid down for it. The spider then comes out to spin a cocoon around the fly, leaving it for when it's hungry later. The stress and struggle of being caught in a web alone is enough to test you.

However, being on the losing side of this chain is difficult. There are possible exits from situations like these that we may not notice on our way down. These doors to opportunities are fleeting and can easily pass under the radar if we're not looking in the right places. How do we avoid falling prey to these situations? I hope this spread serves as a tool for you to overcome a dark obstacle in your life. A little extra insight doesn't hurt in identifying the problem. React on time; don't let others take advantage of you!

Photos compliments of some gothic blogs. I can't seem to find the artists to credit!


  1. I found this spread rather au courant. I wonder if you might explain how you typically go about identifying significator cards in a spread? I mean I've seen many thoughts on how this is done but am interested in your method.

    1. Hey Paul!

      Happy to hear from you. I love it when you correspond because you bring new layers to the content. It refreshes everything and puts things in place; at least for others that benefit from the insight.

      I tend to stick a lot with court carts as signifiers and Major Arcana in situations like these. A Major Arcana is going to stand in for somebody very important in your life, a big influence. Usually court + Majors can be paired up in proximity. Watch for how the cards interact with one another and how close they are or different from one another.

      I tend to just go with one. One Major or one Court. It depends also on how many people are involved in the spread. On rare occasions you can find that a Minor Arcana card steps in as a person. Watch their expressions in the illustrations. Usually decks with people in them interacting with one another are very expressive. I should have thought about the type of deck to use in a reading like this.

      Lastly, the signifier card can let you know if the person is going through a situation you are not aware of. See it as the starting point of the dialogue, the vantage point from which you are parting from to make sense of the situation. Usually this helps.

      If you have anything else you are curious about, please let me know. I love writing about this. That's where the real wealth of blogging is!

      Write to me sometime, let me know how you have been!


  2. Thank you very much for this work of yours... How do you pick the signifier of the predator? by intuition? or do you simply lay out the cards led by a specific question such as "is the relationship between A and B a toxic one? and then first two cards will represent the spider and that how you asign a card for them?

  3. and by the way?? you speak Spanish?... anyway I'm afraid this blog is supposed to be in English

    1. Yes, I speak Spanish.

      It is meant to be chosen by the deck unless you already know the signifier card of the predator. In that case, hold the card in your mind and envision it. See if it pops up in the reading.

      Otherwise, you can pick it yourself and see position #01 as additional info on the predator.