Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly, or when you're not looking for them. I happened upon Amy Zerner and Monte Farber's Enchanted World radio show last night. They claim their multi-dimensional relationship as lovers, creative collaborators and successful entrepreneurs can be attributed partially to their application of the intuition building skills and ancient wisdom they have studied before and during their thirty year marriage and friendship, compassion and a sense of humor comprise the other part. It was really inspiring to listen to their views on soul mates. According to them, soul mates work together in a process of growth. They're destined to meet, as people have certain jobs that they may feel they're destined to do. They emphasized not resisting what you feel your life mission is because you're actually meant to do it.

They were also talking about the full moon in Aquarius happening tonight, and then invited people to call for a quick psychic tarot reading. I was the third one that got to talk to them personally! It was so easy just to call and ask, even though I was so dazed by what was going on that I was a little clumsy with my responses. Having been a fan of theirs for a while, I allowed myself some initial gushing about how much I admire them. An opportunity to talk to not one but two people you admire doesn't come along every day! — I'm still glowing from it, in case you can't already tell.

I was interested about knowing about my psychic development. Rather, which direction my life path is taking me in ever since I devoted some serious time to my spiritual development. Monte cleared up for me that with the Hierophant in combination with Judgment, it is a calling to write a book or to teach the divine experiences I have amassed over the years. He suggested to write a book or ebook, and lastly said that the Hierophant has a lot of influence over people, which covers spiritual counsel or life teachings. With the Judgment card, Monte mentioned a graduation, which I take as a call to action as well. It makes sense that the call of action could be to teach.

When Amy took over, the energy shifted completely. I could almost feel the venture from a masculine point of view to a more visual perspective as shown in the tarot. She pulled for me the Empress card as a very creative person and artist. She said that I had talent and that the Empress is one of the most creative cards on the deck. The last thing she said about the Empress is that I could do many things, so I should probably start exploring some other venues of creative outlet. The second card she pulled was the Devil as being stuck and/or afraid of being judged. Things being revealed as well that are tough to deal with. The more normal to act about it will be better, then the joke of normal paranormal emerged. I usually tend to see the Devil card as limitations we burden ourselves with that slow us down considerably.

Their reading resonates with this week's tarot projections. The two Major Arcana cards that Amy pulled reinforce this being a major turning point or call to action with so many things going on in the divine realm. I was smiling for the rest of the night because I felt lucky to have caught that opportunity. They're really wonderful at what they do, and they stand as inspiration. They make a lot of magic happen with their creative lifestyle.

While on the subject of the Enchanted Tarot, I wanted to show my favorite signifier card up to date. Ever since I connected with the Vertigo Tarot — and possibly before, I can't really remember — I have shown up in my personal readings as The Moon. I love everything that it is made up of, such as psychic intuitions and gifts, dreams, madness, illusions, and mystery. This Moon card is absolutely stunning, it tells a story about a little girl that can't find her way home at night. After accusing the moon of being a witch, the moon starts to cry. As her tears fall, the girl finds her way home and thanks the moon for her help. It teaches a great lesson about facing or overcoming your fears.

It hurts to think about the amount of time and scrutiny it must have taken to work on such a carefully crafted tarot set composed of 78 tapestries. Wonderful indeed!

I wanted to take this opportunity to show the new Alice in Wonderland bag that came in from Baba Studio. It'll be a while before the Alice Tarot is out, but I will entertain myself keeping another deck here in preparation for when it does. I have the feeling it will become my main deck to read with once I study it!

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