There are some interests that you can't help keep present through out the majority of your life. They manifest as a fixation you probably can't explain logically, but you have an immense bond with. For me, that has to be a lifelong love for the culture of Japan. It all started when I was a toddler and my Mom walked me into a Sanrio store. It was love at first sight, the confirmation that everything in life could in fact be beautiful and practical. As the years went by, the Sanrio brand became my signature style for school accessories, electronics and lifestyle items. Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, Badtz Maru, Pekkle, Sweet Coron, Chococat, KuririnCinamorroll, and Landry were my favorites. They each embodied something sweet — and in some cases sassy — that I found in my childhood. The memories of writing in diaries decorated with polka dots and bright colors are endless.

Sanrio has to be the first brand I ever felt identified with to such a degree. The obsession precedes all of the others, which include cats from ancient Egypt, office supplies, Sailor Moon, instant messaging, the Internet, Japanese culture in general, and believe it or not... magic and cards. This brand provided me with the magical fix long before I knew what magic even was. The characters were very real and they played an important role in my life. The brand shaped my appreciation for little details and aesthetics. It was meant to be, anything that originates in Japan is likely to set off a melancholic reaction in my. I love it more than words can say!

For years I have admired Hello Kitty tarot decks from afar. I didn't want one in black and white, and the one in color looked clumsy to me. I honestly didn't care about the fact they were clandestinely produced, although they do commonly sell from $60$95. Sanrio didn't bother to fill the need for a specific market they could have made some decent money in. If they would have put more effort into their official decks, these bootlegs wouldn't be in such high demand. I don't understand how there can be a Hello Kitty gun and vibrator, but not a decent official tarot deck. Tarot is quite popular in Japan, the best place to make something simple that works. It was bound to happen sooner or later as fan art or unofficial merchandise. I personally think that the brave souls who have ventured to break the rules have done a huge favor to the metaphysical community. As such, they deserve compensation for their efforts in extending the experience of the brand to others. If Sanrio really is so against the widespread of this phenomena, they should purchase the decks off the creators or satisfy the need that is clearly being called for. It was a unique opportunity to jump on for the first place!

I came across this tarot deck by sheer coincidence, or perhaps serendipitous alignment. Melissa Hill from the Sassy Sibyl posted a photo with a few of the cards laid out. I jumped when I saw them and sent in some questions about it, then she tweeted me back a couple of hours later with a blog entry. Melissa has a really clear voice as a blogger and fortune teller. To me she has been a really big inspiration, and the biggest influence in wanting to be a part of the fantastic world of Lenormand. I'm really glad she decided to share this wonderful secret with the community! Thank you, Melissa!

The maker of this tarot deck has shown a lot of pride in her work, and has been making it available to friends and upon request. She devoted a whopping 300+ hours to a project that had little to do with her schoolwork, but is a wonderful opportunity for her to get her name out there. In breaking into this niche, she is not only offering her services for future projects but also doing us all in the tarot community a really big favor. Her name is Brittany, a recent graduated as a professional illustrator and has the potential to take the tarot world by storm. The fact that she had an interest in the tarot before made her take on a project in which she breathed life into Joe Rosales' Hello Tarot. While the linework is 80% Joe's own, there is still a lot of original work in this deck. Enough to make it her own, in my opinion. She is very open to communication. If you would like to view her professional portfolio, you can do so here. Her illustrations are really wonderful!

This deck may perhaps be a little controversial for people because it's so whimsical and happy. Will Hello Kitty really be shedding insight into the serious problems of my life? The answer is YES!

Honestly you don't need a super occult tarot deck to delve into the serious and the divine. A pretty or whimsical deck will very likely give some very good insight and observations. You'd be surprised -- maybe the Hello Kitty Tarot will be more cutting edge, more poignant and more sassy than other decks that you may have in your collection. The point is to know how to read the cards correctly, and this is something you can do with any other tarot deck if you study it. The cards are expressive in narration and in facial expression, it's hard to go wrong with the message they are trying to convey to you. They are perfectly balanced in whimsy and in substance. I feel that they will celebrate positive events with you and politely warn you when you are getting yourself into a big problem. They certainly don't shout — rather, their manner of dialogue is very clear. I recommend this deck to beginners and experts alike. It will tell you something special, something that you need to hear and will really benefit from.

I love this deck ten times over. I love it so much that I bought a second copy, because I know the first one will get some serious mileage. The deck is based on the Rider Waite Smith school of teaching but it's not a clone, and it has a lot of influence from the Thoth. When you combine two magnates from the world of metaphysics, that seems to me like an automatic formula for success. Brittany combines the stories we're familiar with from RWS and colors/symbols from Thoth that supercharge this deck. I see it as the perfect marriage of the whimsical with the occult, giving people with a love for the sweet the chance to deliver powerful and accurate readings. It reads intuitively, it is scenic enough to give you an answer with just one card, and it has more than enough substance to make it a professional reading deck. There is no need for restraint in using a deck that you love, no matter how sweet it may seem.

My only reservation with the Hello Kitty Tarot is Hierophant is listed at Heirophant, but that's the only element in this deck that deviates from the names. It shouldn't be a deal breaker for anybody, just a little quirk that gives it personality. My brain does struggle to reverse the letters, though!

Edit: Brittany has corrected this error. All Hello Kitty Tarot decks now have the spelling of Hierophant.


What is your most important characteristic?
Ten of Cups. I like to bring people together. I am meant to bring you emotional satisfaction, joy, happier days and I want you to do the same with other people. Share me, employ me in your professional tarot readings and with friends. The connections that will be established will bring them a lot of joy as well. — What a social deck!

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Nine of Cups. This is a deck that you enjoy using. It makes you happy to see, and makes you feel like you're at a good place. I am the long-lost friend you have been waiting to meet up with, and we have a bunch of stories to tell. There is a lot to catch up on, so make some time for me! Let's have fun.

What are your limits?
The Empress. The comfort of having a set stability already. If you're too used to how nicely things are flowing, you're not going to want to challenge yourself or take on new goals. Don't fall under the habit of saying, "what for? I already have everything I need." Get out of that comfort zone, don't close up the channels of inspiration. You should channel your intuition and creativity rather than hinder it.

What are you here to teach me?
The Star. To have hope when the way still seems long. Gather your inspiration, get your sources together and think about the things you can achieve when you're ready to get back into the grind. What you do is all up to you, so nurture your mind, your body and your spirit before you continue on. Renew yourself and count your blessings, there are so many of them!

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Swords. Release pain from the past, look towards the silver lining in the sky and move on from your problems. You don't need to be stuck in situations that aren't worth it for you. Instead, looks for the ways to move on. The time has passed and it's time to build into a recovery, which means you can look for support when you need it the most.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Ace of Swordss. Clear, inescapable communication. Seeking mental clarity and manifesting it through the coldness of intellect. When it comes to matters of the mind, emotions and passions are not considered. They are left out so that we can reason with logic. Bring forth new ideas and creative thinking; it's the right time.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Coins. Victory can be achieved through teamwork, which takes training, clear communication, damage control, and getting to know each other on a daily basis. You learn as you go, but it's a good time to show off the wealth that you have been working to showcase with others. Note that it will take a lot of hard work to get where you want to go, so buckle up and get started.

How do you see me?
Queen of Wands. A passionate woman with abundance in creativity and fire. Ruthless if need be over ideals that need to be protected. Someone in tune with their abilities — above all creative — and determined. At her worst, her fury is deadly and aggressive. This is the artist queen, the one who knows her faculties well... and this is not the first time a tarot deck sees me as her! I do disagree, though. I am the Queen of Swords through and though.

How do you see yourself?
Ace of Coins. As a gift of patience and a new tool to use for financial gain. This manifestation is like the seed that is ready to be planted. There will be no benefits to reap from it until you're actually working on it, but it's fresh. It's ready for new terrain to explore, and it will bring with it the fruit of wisdom and experience in a lovely new package.

Two aces. Fancy that, beginnings in finances and in clear thinking. I get a lot of positivity from this deck, all that is missing is to develop the passion through Wands and the emotional bond through Cups.

You should book a reading with me using this deck. You'll love it! If you wish to acquire a copy, ask Brittany if she's still taking orders.


  1. Ooh, I've been looking with delight at the black and white deck for years, wishing it was available. Thanks for this interesting and detailed post, and for Brittany's details *fingers crossed she's still taking orders*

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Pleased to meet you. Indeed make your way over, Brittany is taking orders until the 20th, I believe! It is absolutely worth having.

      I hope to read about it on your blog later. Blessings!


  2. excuse me... I know this comment is very impolite...but I love your Deck so much... so I take all of my brave to make a question that could you please to scan and share this Tarot deck?
    ... I'm living in VN... so it's so hard to buy these limited edition Decks... *and I'm so sorry if this comment make you be angry...*
    ... if you can help me and most of VN student who love Tarot, please reply me, my email is vnhuongtrang@gmail.com
    I really really thank you a lot... although you reply me or not...
    Wish you're always healthy and love Tarot :')

    1. This is not my tarot deck! Please ask http://btingey.tumblr.com/ Brittany T. for permission! Her e-mail is located at the end of my post!

  3. Hi, I really want one of the hello kitty decks.... how can I get one?

    1. You need to contact Brittany Tingey, the illustrator of this tarot deck. brittanytingey.com

  4. I have sent a few emails to Britany and no answer... is her adress correct?