Last week's projections were good. The Moon manifested as a temporary state of mind that I was in after my surgery. The anesthesia made me see double, I thought that I was going crazy all the while. The illusions, the thoughts and the reaction to my surroundings was a very interesting twist to this card that I will definitely take into consideration later on. The Wheel of Fortune, Moon and Magician all manifested as a very deep spiritual awakening for me this week. I opened my eyes to the rest of the world and managed to pull out of that bubble that didn't let me connect to the world. Call it grounding at its finest! The rest of the week was really direct. Saturday was super hectic and productive, and come Sunday I felt really good about everything I was doing with my life. I felt empowered to work on my goals, and will rush back to work on my own tarot deck soon. I am still having difficulties with lockjaw and pain from the surgery, and hopefully when they remove the stitches this week I will be able to dine properly.

This week has a few Major Arcana cards too. Notice all the yellow and blue in the spread. Yellow is the color of coins, finances and physical world manifestations. It feels really hot and active. It's really heavy in this spread, making it an active set of days to come. From the blue I get the complete opposite, some time to rest and to think. These cards almost suggest the time of day in which these events will be happening, and a peaceful calm.

Monday. Page of Coins. Fancy that. This card came up in the same position last week! That's the first time this happens. It could be manifesting as a financial situation that I had to take care of. It could also be a gift that Mom promised to bring from her road trip today. Notice the Page stares into the past, thinking about what he had to do to gain the pentacle he is holding. With an early rise, the day revolves around financial plans.

Tuesday. Five of Wands. An energetic day of dialogue and possibly confrontations. I get my stitches removed tomorrow, so I wonder if this could just be a card to show all the tools that the doctor will be using. Since it is surrounded by such nice cards, there is a sense of it being okay. It could be a lot of hustle and bustle or the suggestion to keep away from arguments too.

Wednesday. The Sun. Boy am I glad to see you! The Sun manifests a day of joy and of general contentment. This is a day to rejoice, enjoy and be happy. With the Moon present last week, it cna be inferred that a new cycle starts and that all the hustle and bustle from the last couple of days could be in preparation for this. Looks like a day for good news and joy of living.

Thursday. Strength. A day of restraint from talking about difficult or controversial subjects. I feel like the lion in the card, as if somebody will approach me in regards to my passionate activities. I realize that I am very electric; sometimes it takes a little soothing to keep my fire from exploding. [Moon in Aries, folks! It totally shows.] The yellow of the Sun card still shines through here.

Friday. Seven of Swords. A tricky card for a Friday! It could be to try to sneak away with responsibilities. The person's face is hidden, they don't want to be seen or recognized by anyone. This card is saying to lay low as the joyful rays from the previous cards starts going paler. It's interesting to see him moving towards Strength in the past. It could be an escaped detail from the day prior.

Saturday. Empress. Lovely card! A day to lounge about with the luxuries of the house. She looks so comfortable in her throne, enjoying the elements as they sway. She's ripe with abundance, at the best stage of her life and in control of things. Notice the water flowing, all the greens and the comfort that looms in this card. This would be a nice way to feel!

Sunday. King of Swords. Looking back into the past with a sharp mind and a hidden agenda. This card represents stable logic and rigidness. You can tell he's thinking about something, but he's so reserved and he's even turning his back on the viewer. With his sword up, he doesn't look like somebody you want to be in trouble with. He will cut with the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

This is a signifier for my Father as well, it is possible I will pass the day with him or see him.

What to avoid. Queen of Wands. Avoid getting too authoritative or passionate about any issues that aren't worth your time. As a court card, she has more weight over others and also a stronger presence in what she embodies. She doesn't look very friendly, but she definitely stands out. It would be hard to miss somebody this radiant at a party; they're the kind of people that outshine others.

What's funny about this this card is that it usually signifies a man in my life. He is a fire sign but he's more feminine in energy, especially with conflicts.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Keep energies moving, pay attention to e-mails and instant messages. There will be lots of dialogue established and plans in the works with different groups of people. This card says to stay on guard  and to adapt to all the changes manifesting so quickly.

This is the start of a new cycle.


  1. Hi, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

    1. That's so rokkin'!! Thanks SoLuna! I am in bed for the next few days but will try to get back to this with a post. Thank you so much!

      Love & Light